EA Breaks The Law

GrE writes, "In advance of Electronic Arts' release of The Godfather II, a promotional package for the game has arrived leaving many reporters ready to kick ass and smoke some stogies. That's right, this press pack has a real cigar, matches, a pair of dice, length of wire and brass knuckles. EA really went for the authentic feel with this box, giving promotions everything they need to off someone."

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CrAppleton3786d ago

It's amazing the things companies can get away with in the name of promotions

Neco5123786d ago

You can't be serious, there's no way they could get out of that simply because it's a video game. EA HAS to comment on this. I know it's legal in a lot of states, but what about the others they sent to?

supercharger51503786d ago

yeah I'd like to see a comment. Does it become their responsibility or that of the people who receive the box? Cause that's not right.

Nineball21123786d ago

I think it's a GREAT promotional package and I'd like to have it! :-)

I think it would have been great even without the brass knuckles and somebody is a knucklehead* for including that in the package!

*See what I did there? Brass knuckles.. knucklehead... XD

JsonHenry3786d ago

It is a sad day in America (once known as Land of the Free) when the government thinks they somehow have the right to tell us that owning a pair of brass knuckles is illegal..

Leio3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Lol this is nothing compare to "buy a car and get a hand-gun for free" campaign not long ago..

UnwanteDreamz3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Just thought I'd clear something up for you guys. Brass knuckles like so many other weapons are not illegal to own, they are illegal to carry. Any "collector' may own brass knuckles and have them in their home. You just are not allowed to keep them in your car or pocket.

UnwanteDreamz3786d ago

I was wrong. It looks like they are illegal in 10 states but if you reside in one of these states and have knucks in your home a cop would have to have a justifiable reason for checking. No warrant no check. They also make plastic ones that are not illegal yet as a poster below suggested.

Cenobia3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Wtf would you need brass knuckles for? They're specifically designed for beating the crap out of people.

At least a knife can cut bread as well as people. Even a gun can be used for sport. There is no sport or alternate use in brass knuckles.

I guess you could use them as an extremely ineffective nut cracker (double entendre).

Plus they're for pansies. If you can't beat a man to death with your bare hands than you aren't man enough (lol).

TheDude2dot03785d ago

I doubt a reporter will be buff enough to go on a killing rampage with brass knucks.

Head Shot King3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

If the godfather gave away all them goodies then killzone 2 should have included some Pepto Bismol and prozac, and Gears of war 2 should have included a G-string and some 12 inch heels with a note that says haha cliffy just took your money and made you his b!*ch.

I love every one that disagrees, no homo.

SinnedNogara3785d ago

Whoa, WTF!!! EA has gone too far, and that is AWESOME.

Dead Space 2....will come with a flamethrower!!!!!! Sweet!!!!

@Json Henry

People in the nation can own a gun, but can't own brass knuckles! That's ridiculous!!

Omegasyde3785d ago

I wonder what Activision will send out for the next Leisure suit Larry game... That have to Top EA.

DominusRebellis3785d ago

maybe this is a sign that if the game sucks, they can kill themselves with a variety of weapons...or indirectly through smoking (cancer)

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CrAppleton3786d ago

I'd love to have one of these boxes.. let me know when they hit ebay.. lol

Neco5123786d ago

HA! I'd like one as well. I'll keep my eye out for it to hit ebay.

Neco5123786d ago

I can't imagine they'll let people keep the knuckles if they live in a state that's outlawed it

CrAppleton3786d ago

Well.. there is one simple solution..

Don't tell the cops that you have them.

UnwanteDreamz3786d ago

You can get knucks at most gun shows along with nade parts and all sort of "outlawed" weapons. You can do this because it is not illeagal to own them it is illegal to carry em.

supercharger51503786d ago

Illegal or no, that's BAD ASS!!!

reluctant_gamer3786d ago

Awesome! Next story will be that someone beat the crap out of/killed someone using the stuff in the promotional package. Really neat idea, though.

CrAppleton3786d ago

THAT would be a PR nightmare

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The story is too old to be commented.