Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - New screenshots

LucasArts published new screenshots from Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings showing the extra Wii content Fate of Atlantis.

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Supercalifragili3793d ago

One of the greatest adventure games ever.

dorron3792d ago

Looks like a PS2 game :-S

clevernickname3792d ago

That's because it is. The game is releasing on the PS2, Wii, PSP and DS.

PS360WII3792d ago

Looking pretty good. Should be fun to play as Indiana Jones is always ready for adventuring :)

Smacktard3792d ago

What, it'd still suck, just with better graphics?

dorron3792d ago


I didn't realize it was for ps2...just followed the link from this PS3 forum, so I thought it was for PS3.


clevernickname3792d ago

Ah, I see.

Despite the lack of presence of this game on the 360/PS3, I am still looking forward to it. Although I will likely buy the PSP or PS2 versions of the game.