Xbox Live Arcade prices are getting out of hand

Two new Xbox Live Arcade titles hit today and they seem...well, a bit greedy. Capcom's alien shephard title Flock will run at $15 (1200 MSP) and some puzzle game that rehashes Bejeweled and Hexic called Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will require $20 (1600 MSP) for purchase.

XBLA titles are generally successful on the basis that they're worth what they cost and it doesn't appear Flock or Puzzle Quest has the kind of backing to be asking for so much.

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Megaton3785d ago

If Flock's price translates into $15 on the PSN as well, I'm not buying it. Games like that are reasonable at $10.


Time to cut flash games by half.

Unbiased13785d ago

I have noticed to be honest, it has crossed my mind. It seems that every game on PSN now is 10 bucks, from what i remeber that was not the case before.
If FLOCK is 15$ on PSN than i am not buying it, sad part is i know a ton of sheap people will buy it on both xbl and PSn even if it is 15$ so publishers will keep on doing it.

Mindboggle3785d ago

I agree, every game used to be £3.50 on PSN in UK, now they are all £6 and above, most are over £10...Its a joke.

Unbiased13785d ago


Because people keep on buying them. For example if games before on average were 3.5£ and now are 10£ but at least 50% of people that was buying games while they were 3.5 is now buying them when they are 10£, it still bigger revenue, they make more money. Very simple.
I know i would be buying more PSN games if not every game was on average 10$.
For example Flower is awesome and it is worth 10$ but once you are done with it in some 2-3 hours, than what? I am not one of those guys that likes to replay games over and over, i will move on to next release, so i am supposed to pay AGAIN 10$ for some game that is worth playing 2 or so days and that's it.

GVON3784d ago

Thats only $4 less than wipeout HD,I played the qore deme and it's not a $15 game,and if it translates to £ there's no chance I'm paying that because that would be £4 over the wipeout HD price.I think it will be £7-8 any higher and I can't see myself buying it.

dragunrising3784d ago

The reason I think publishers are charging more right now is because the online marketplace (PSN and Live) are much more competitive and crowded than before. Just as in retail, the prices are more or less standard so that the maximum amount of profit may be made. It wouldn't be a big stretch to assume publishers know that a certain number of people will get the game at said price at $15. On the off chance that there is a sale or permanent price reduction, more sales may be gained without cutting close to the margins. Its hard to support Flock's price tag of $15, although Puzzle Quest is a multiple hour, puzzle rpg. Value is a hard proposition for any arcade game so hopefully the quality of games released improve and the price remains more or less static.

GWAVE3784d ago

XBLA games are pretty expensive, but many of the expensive ones (like Flock) are also on PSN and they are pretty much the same price.

To me, it's a different matter: why spend $20 or $30 on a couple XBLA games like Flock or Braid when you can buy full games like Wipeout HD or Siren on PSN for the same price?

shocky163784d ago

Maybe because Braid >>>>>>>&g t;>>> Wipeout and siren by a mile, just maybe?

Cenobia3784d ago

Isn't Braid like a 4 hour game?

I don't think he was talking about quality (which is largely personal opinion). He was talking about quantity.

You aren't going to pay $50 for a game like Braid regardless of how good it is. Wipeout also has a ton more replay value than Braid.

y0haN3784d ago

Lol, Lost and Damned was 1600 MSP and it was 'just' a good buy in my opinion, loved it. Paying 1600 MSP or even 1200 for a glorified flash game, no thanks.

gaffyh3784d ago

@shocky - Wipeout HD is basically a full game (atleast 10 hours of gameplay, but it's actually a lot more), but PSN users only got charged £12/$15 for it. Anything that costs over $15 has a LOT to prove. Back in the early PSN days, SuperStardust HD only cost £5 and it was and still is one of the best PSN games available.

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NewZealander3785d ago

is it just me or are capcom getting really gready?

sure they make some cool games, but they always seem to be more expencive, and charging for multiplayer on resi 5?

Unbiased13785d ago

Every company is "greedy" there is no such thing as successful non greedy company, just ask Nintendo.
It's just that they see they can get away with it because core gamers will pay, even if it was 20$, and i won't be surprised if that starts happening.

jaseo3785d ago

I am amused by the comment from NewZealander (where men are men and the sheep are nervous!)

speaking of greedy.

(NZ accent) are you shearing that sheep?

NO! I'm not sharing her with anyone :)

NewZealander3784d ago

grow up jaseo, and keep your pathetic steriotypes to yourself.

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timmyrulz3785d ago

Sounds like what they will do is charge this silly amount and then have them on the half price specials for Gold members, i dont know why people buy online games, for the price you pay you can get a used full price game from ebay or amazon, yesterday i bought Brothers in Arms off Amazon for £7.50, i also downloaded the pit for about £7.50 which i finished after 3 hours

ParanoidMonkey3785d ago

400MSP was the norm and 800MSP was considered far too expensive. Bankshot Billiards being released at 1200MSP was just madness. Now 800MSP is the norm. Funny how far we've come (although games have gotten MUCH, MUCH better on XBLA so price increase doesn't surprise me).

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand, Flock on XBLA is priced the same as Flock on PC. Puzzle Quest on XBLA costs the same as Puzzle Quest on PC. Not surprising. Keep in mind another thing about Puzzle Quest, the first in the series was originally a FULL GAME on the DS and PSP.

divideby03784d ago

psst...dont buy them regardless where they appear....send a message

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