PS3 Home Business Manager, Dan Speaks Out

If you are active on the PlayStation EU forums, it's quite likely you have already seen EssexJames' "Open Letter to SCEE" thread within the Home sub-catagory. It sums up some of the main questions and queries the community have had about the regional disparities, especially between Home.

The community managers and staff have seen this as a matter which needs addressing and so they did with this response, straight from the Home Business Manager.

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someone has noticed that non American or Japanese are suffering from lack of communication the people started taking charge of the mater & forming alliances against SCEE.

DERKADER3784d ago

All we ever hear form Sony about Home is how ambitious and complicated it is and how we'll just have to be patient. They also mention the standard fall back "it's in beta" and the always popular excuse "it's free".

no-spin3784d ago

i dont remember home until i see articles about it. Right now whoever complain about a free optional service is a big time idiot. I dont care about home, but i cant understand why would people complain.

bigleo883784d ago

I'm just glad the Manager of Home spoke out, it shows the possibility of good things to come between consumers and SCEE? Next!? Hopefully a blog lol.

nefertis3784d ago

Take Note SCE gamers are not going to be push around anymore.

Blackcanary3784d ago

they finally spoke out and did use the same ball crap they normally do they actually answered that dudes question.

Blackcanary3784d ago

why the hell did some one disagree with me its not even like i said anything bad ffs.


@ Blackcanary, believe me they always use the same crap when they answer any of our question regarding their delays or PSN content. There is a petition going on directed to SCEE demanding equal content & release dates o the US & Japan.
Were really surprised to see such response.


why disagree with me, I didn't say an openion or anything to disagree with.

That was a statement. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.