DSi Sells 92,000 in Two Days

Game Industry Biz writes:

"Nintendo's DSi handheld sold 92,000 units in its first two days on sale in the UK, can reveal.

Retailers across the country had reported impressive pre-order figures for the new console, a technical upgrade of the DS Lite complete with motion sensitive cameras and supported by an online store.

The new console went on sale on Friday, and figures from official Chart-Track data add clarity to yesterday's revelation that the machine managed to outsell all other console hardware in the region combined."

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Baka-akaB3784d ago

Completely undeserved (chills guys i got a DS too ) , but completely expected as well ....

SpoonyRedMage3784d ago

Why undeserved? Have you used a DSi? It's a massive improvement.

mint royale3784d ago

Nintendo have appealed to these people they have not held guns to their heads. It may not appeal to you and thats fine but whatever it sells it deserves.

Baka-akaB3784d ago

I obviously didnt expect you guys to agree , and it obviously was just my opinion . hell i even felt the need to precise i own a DS (two actually ) before the storm .

edgeofblade3784d ago

Agreed. Completely undeserved. Why should we give props to a company that fragments their user base like this? Nintendo is providing too little too late in the way of the DSi store.

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Baka-akaB3784d ago

Why ? obviously you are going to disagree but i dont see the changes as worth switching machines . I mean a crappy camera and subpar media player ? I'm obviously not the target for a new "wario le'ts use the new camera" kind of game .

And i dont see ditching the GBA as improvement , even though i guess people no longer care about gba , or are ready to rebuy those games over Virtual consoles .

My only positive change would be the sd cards , but again at the cost of something else .

Again i dont expect agrees . I just dont feel it had real changes that matter to gaming on DS .
And like everyone else , i totally expected to see it become a success just like every modified and milking version of a nintendo portable .

SpoonyRedMage3784d ago

I don't see the big deal with ditching the GBA slot, it's sturcturely weak, took up lots of room and required a second processor. All but like 3 games that use the slot are 4 or more years old. I like my GBA games but I think it's time we move on

mint royale3784d ago

'I just dont feel it had real changes that matter to gaming on DS'

Are you seriously trying to say the DS has brought nothing new to gaming? OKay i'm sorry but I cannot take your opinion seriously.

'i totally expected to see it become a success just like every modified and milking version of a nintendo portable'

Just like the many iterations of the psp? But I guess every version of the psp is totally legitamate and brought significant changes to gaming. Okay!

Baka-akaB3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

WTH? Way to add bias and meaning where there arent any . i'm taking about the DSI . i dont see the DSI bringing something really important TO DS GAMING ... What part of I OWN A DS WENT OVER YOUR HEAD ?

And for the record , i feel the same about those psp new version . Happy ?
Please keep your stupid DS/PSP feud out of my life will ya ?

mint royale3784d ago

okay I misunderstood your point about the DS and it makes more sense now and I actually agree with you. I apologise.

Baka-akaB3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Ok cool then .
to develop a bit , i see those sku , for both consoles as gimmicks so far .
The camera will be used in warioware stuff from nintendo , and cheap ubi soft/ea etc clones , but beyond that ? I dont see it's impact .

The most important thing would be the SD card and push of online features , but it could go either way ... positive or negative , and again at the cost of something else that wasnt imo less important .

I'm just against numerous SKU of a same console .. they cant really bring changes that would splinter their fanbase and force them to buy DSI only or PSP 3000 only games , and thus make it quite irrelevant .

But still i'm not surprised it works , that's actually why they do it .

Besides i'll admit something here , i might be jaded a bit because i already experienced most of those feature with flashcards and homebrew , and most didnt feel great then neither . About that believe it or not , i bought my games , as i aint into the casual stuff but mostly rpgs , but like having them on single SD cards .

PS360WII3784d ago

I say well deserved! The DSi isn't the successor to the DSL which seems to be what a few think it is. The DSi is still the DS just better. Online store, camera(good or bad it's still there) No GBA slot (yes I consider this a positive as it takes away the burden of extra processing power and girth of the unit plus I already have a few versions of the GBA to miss it on this new one), bigger screens, soft reset, SD card slot, internal storage, and a new interface.

In the end it is a nice upgrade from the DSL, but yes it certainly isn't an upgrade everyone would want though it does seem quite a few do enjoy it.

jagstatboy3784d ago

Got mine on Sunday....the family and I have been enjoying the heck out of it and we have yet to actually pop in a cartridge!!

SpoonyRedMage3784d ago

I noticed that earlier, I've been enjoying the DSi for days without ever actually playing a physical DS game.

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