First screenshots of Six Days in Fallujah

PS3-Sense writes: "Earlier today we informed you that Konami is busy with a new game: Six Days in Fallujah. The game is about the fierce fighting in the Iraqi city where 38 American soldiers against 12,000 deceased in Fallujah. The U.S. soldiers have kept as much information as possible and remembered, so that Atomic Games can develop a realistic game, on behalf of Konami.

Now we have the first three screenshots of the game for you. However these are the first screenshots and we think there come better and more beautiful screenshots in the future than these three. View the screenshots now!"

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Vip3r3788d ago

Didn't the SAS help the US marines in the 2nd fallujah push?

Dipso3788d ago

Absolutely disgusted that this game is being made while foreign forces are still on the ground in Iraq. I'm not a particularly sensitive or overtly politically correct person but I think this is pretty pathetic. Am I correct in assuming that we get to play as a Marine hero's against the evil "insurgents"?!

Well coming from a Japanese developer I'm not surprised at all, cultural sensitivity has never been much of a strong point for long as its not the American Dollar they are offending.