Resident Evil 5 - versus mode 1.86 MB download

Capcom's versus mode is now available and weighs in at a massive 1.86 MB which for those of you speculating, confirms that the data is most likely already on the disk. What are you waiting for, get downloading. Although some users are experiencing difficulties downloading. Bear with it, as it should be fixed in due course.


For most people the download works fine now and will take mere seconds.

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Hallucinate3793d ago

.............................. ............................... ............................... ...........already on the disk eh fwck that

qface643793d ago

yeah i know right dang capcom geez

i don't know about the rest of you but i sure as hell ain't downloading this i know 5 dollars is nothing but its the principal of the matter really

chrisnick3793d ago

but ppl are idiots so they'll get it and support this kind of i'll just say it now.........until i get marvel vs capcom2 on psn,(in cartman voice) SCREW YOU GUYS, IM NOT PLAYING YOUR GAMES.

Omegasyde3793d ago

WOW, first street fighter now this....

sCamcom strikes again.

They are turning into what EA used to do. Now I'll boycott thier games just like I did EA's. Funny how EA is now releasing free DLC for a number of games now. . . .

Megaton3793d ago

This practice should be illegal, and anybody who purchases this is just helping to keep the ball rolling towards more consumer-raping scams. We shouldn't stand by idly and be fleeced by these greedy pricks at Crapcom and their ilk at Scamco Bandai.

GrieverSoul3793d ago

This isnt DLC!!!


This is getting ridiculous!

badz1493793d ago

so, where are those who were backing Capcom when they announced this scam by saying that the idea for this content was at the last moment and they can't put it on the disc?? it's ok to suck dev's balls for their games being great and all but to go as far as to support this kind of consumer-raping practice, that's just plain STUPID! I'm glad I'm not buying any of their game anymore! capcom can keep these Sh!t to their own!

Ghoul3792d ago

allready on the disc
allready in the manual
allready in the throphys


Why o why3792d ago

console fans and fanboys....We MUST unite on this one. Do NOT buy this sh!t even if you love the game or you may as well stick that 'TWIT' sticker on your forehead. We cannot encourage this type of fleece. JUST SAY NO

kickaski3792d ago

I bet $5 that Versus mode was in the last RE5 patch.

ExcelKnight3792d ago

We have a winner.

People often mistake "already on the disk" and "added through a patch, but needs to be activated".

Domenikos3792d ago

dear hackers...

Please do some damage here...

CaseyRyback_CPO3792d ago

Are you kidding me? Well, everyone that pretends DLC is so much better than games, pat yourselves on the back.

You deserve to continue to get f&cked over for the rest of your gaming life.

Extra DLC is fine, but activating menu options for 5.00 on top of 60 dollars is retarded.

IcarusOne3792d ago

Saw a video. Looks beyond boring. I won't be paying to unlock a feature that's already on the dam disc.

SeanScythe3792d ago

Game+DLC = way to make sure you buy the game instead of rent.

They needed some way to keep people from renting or trading in their games.

Dark General3792d ago

What happened to the guy that was on Capcom's jock strap about releasing this DLC? I told him it was about the principal of the matter and that it was probably already on the disk. Seriously it's stuff like this why i hate paid DLC.

SinnedNogara3792d ago

5 dollars for something that is already on the DISC?? That is retarded!!! Seriously, I already wasted half of my video game fund buying the game, now I have to pay 5 dollars just for a flawed multiplayer mode??

Five bucks for a multiplayer mode where you can't even RUN AND SHOOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!

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Myst3793d ago

There there I'm here to help. Luckily a crying laughter is always an option to. Laugh so hard tears are streaming :p

Salvadore3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Well if you bought it, then you should perhaps cry, but if you were reluctant and smart enough, I sure hope you're laughing all the way to the bank.

TheRealSpy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

DLC, all together, is a joke. unless it's a new game like gta, it's never worth it.

and when was the last time you bought a movie or book and then a few months later they released a new chapter or a new scene? it doesn't happen. release the GOD DAMN games all at once. DLC is a fad that should have died long ago.

i don't buy DLC ever.

EDIT: it should be like one of those uncomfortable, fake laughs that you use the mask the crying.

ThatArtGuy3792d ago

They do it with books all the time. Hardback is released then the paperback is released months later with an additional chapter. Don't get me started on movies. They double dip CONSTANTLY.

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Dimitri3793d ago

The multiplayer mode is probably already on the disc, i assume that this patch just unlocks it ;)

XBOX Live users not only have to pay monthly for their access to multiplayer, but now they also have to pay for exclusive RE5 online access hehehe.

talltony3792d ago

be buying this because i dnt want to support a company that puts dlc that is alreaDY ON THE DISC. If people dnt buy this then capcom might eventually learn their lesson, besides who is gonna want to stand still and aim in a multiplayer game?

ShadesMoolah3793d ago

Status code 80070570 - nice one.

DelbertGrady3793d ago

Spread your cheeks, RE fanboys. Here comes Capcom!

qface643793d ago

oh man you made me laugh i needed a laugh so badly i thank you and for that you get 1 bubble

Nelson M3793d ago

GTA Lost and Dammed
Halo Wars

DelbertGrady3792d ago

@qface64 - Nice to hear =) Bubbles back!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3792d ago

You obviously didn't get the point, damn you dumb

II Necroplasm II3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

a monkey with a computer, how silly.

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