Rumor: 360 HD DVD Players Now Cheaper?

Over at, folks are posting that the Xbox 360 HD DVD player is being marked down at Walmart to US $130 from its retail price of $199.99. What's more, apparently Walmart has cleared out its HD DVD players.

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ACE5251d ago

its a push to gain sales etc .

i dont think its over just yet hd-dvd has 300 tittles still to come

MissAubrey5251d ago

its because HD DVD is dead.

Black Republican5251d ago

this will be a nice push

but i dont really care, and all the sony fanatics will say something like that, that hd dvd is dead, if they do you can automatically assume they are retards because sony is coming out with lower priced blu ray players, but that doesnt mean that blue ray is dead. BUT since it's hd dvd it does mean its dead lol...

Marty83705251d ago

HD DVD is Dead. Blu-ray will win. PS3 pushing sales of Blu-ray faster. Also Blu-ray has better Hollywood Studio Support.

Black Republican5251d ago

hahahah so funny
exactly what i just said in post # 3

too bad we cant make u have NO bubbles

MissAubrey5251d ago

this guy here this is the guy

donscrillinger5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

the only real reason that i fell that HD didn't really take off the way they wanted it to. is 1 reason and thats,that the 360 HD drive wasn't built in with it cuz i know that i would have brought a lot of HD movies if i could just put them in the system and play them and not half to go out and get and add on's . i always hated add-on's they make things look cheap and sloppy,thats just me .but anyway i think i'm bout to go get 1 tough 4real !or at this rate they could be $99.99 real soon i should just wait cuz @ 99.99 i would and most of my friends would go get 1 quick

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The story is too old to be commented.