Sony: Our first-party dev is as big as Microsoft and Nintendo's combined

VG247: SCEA hardware marketing head John Koller has claimed that Sony's first-party development division is as big as that employed by Nintendo and Microsoft. In total.

"Our development studios - the Worldwide Studios team - is as large as Microsoft and Nintendo's combined," he said, talking at GDC.

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360 man3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

no arguments with that

but the only reason that is, is because microsoft has opted not have many dev studios.
if they wanted to they could have bought full publishing companies.

disagree all you want. you know its true

PirateThom3791d ago

Microsoft do not, contrary to popular belief, have unlimited funds to spend on their gaming division.

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

We know Piratethom but the one example I can think of is Mistwalker, they helped fund the company to get it going and only got two exclusives in return, they don't own any of it. Which seems like a strange move to me.

chrisnick3791d ago

but they rather use your live subscription money to pay for DLC and some mediocre exclusives,instead of using it to make the console itself better...they use selfish tactics and its biting them in the a$$.

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

Hmm, I don't disagree but I must point out that if buying DLC and exclusives is selfish then what's buying third party studios out and restricting them to your systems?

At least MS allows their few first party companies to support the other companies(well Nintendo anyway).

Smacktard3791d ago

PirateThom: How so? Can't they fund it through Microsoft's capital (instead of just their gaming division's capital)? If they couldn't I don't see why investors would've invested money in the Xbox 360 (seeing as how the original Xbox lost billions, and the 360 started off losing billions). And we could get into the technicalities of "unlimited", but it's safe to assume that that statement is a little bit of hyperbole.

Why o why3791d ago

i could become president.....problem is i wont and MS hasn't. You shouldn't take solace in what MS 'could' do; Its pointless and bare no fruit (GAMES) I know you like fruit 360. Reality is much more enjoyable than rhetoric.

3791d ago
Viper73791d ago

"Microsoft do not, contrary to popular belief, have unlimited funds to spend on their gaming division."

Yeah, they still need and expecialy now need to fund their software and operating system development. Vista was no good for their image so they probably had to boost up a lot of their resources to make windows 7 which again may not be for every1 but still way better than vista.

They have so many lines on fire right now, open office is increasing its popularity, google which is pretty much "god" for many in the software world have already taken few steps to relase operating system of their own.
IE is constantly bashed as worst web browser ever made.
MSN is probably their only division thats not all too troubled, even I use their messenger network to chat with friends.

its not like they can dumb all their money towards gaming division.

dcbronco3790d ago

Sony has more studios, but the fact is most of the games put out by those studios don't sell that well. You can keep believing that sales don't matter. And the whole while watch dev after dev go out of business. Obviously a most of you are kids with no concept of what bills are. Sony is struggling financially. But it seems no matter how many cuts they make and how many times their executives allude to that fact, you guys remain delusional. Time will tell in this mess and a lot of you will be in tears if this doesn't go well. Stringer is trying to fix the problems at Sony, but the biggest problem for Sony is that they have far more broke-a** fanboys who can't seem to afford games than people willing to pay for what they are offering. Those studios spend millions developing games that aren't being bought. So when enough of these 30 million dollar games sell 250,000 copies and Stringer gets fed up with the lack of return on the investment, blame yourselves if Sony has to move on.

And for the people that think Microsoft doesn't have an infinite amount of money to spend on it's gaming division, you're right. but, they have far more than Sony does if they decide to go that route. But again, it's a business. And no one is trying to bankrupt their company to keep idiot fanboys happy.

blusoops3790d ago

What $30mil game only sold 250k? That was first party? Uncharted, heavenly sword, resistance 1 & 2, motorstorm 1 & 2, kz2, ratchet, warhawk... Etc ....all have sold over a million copies, some 2 or 3 million. So what r u talkin about?! LOL.

Consoldtobots3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

people like DC bronco just make me shake my head at 360 fans, isn't microsoft the one closing down studios left and right? yet it's sony's studios going out of business and "closing their doors" as you say?

Is it really that surprising when you get a few agrees and the disagrees climb into double digits? You 360 fanboys couldn't find reality with a talking GPS device crammed up your butt.

Argento-Nox3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Well 360 man, the 360 may have some funds freed up for it's further development soon, seeing as the Zune divisions looks to join those other game studios that have been scrapped.

I mean MS is just wallowing in success right now with Internet explorer 8. Vista too, is doing so phenomenal well, that MS is now telling the 90+ percent of business that never bought it, they may need it for Windows 7 to function well.

If your going to do some lucid dreaming about MS having unlimited funds, do it like Alan Wake...upon waking up to the reality, you may find a horrible truth ---> MS isn't limitless in funds.

dcbronco3790d ago

You are two of the delusional ones I was talking about. Yes Microsoft is closing studios. But if that was about money wouldn't Rare be the studio that would have been closed first. Rare hasn't come close to making a return on the investment in it.

Blu: A lot of the "sales" on those games you're talking about came from being packaged with the PS3 as a giveaway. Giving the game away is not a sale. You don't make money off of that. It's like when the bank gives you $25 to open an account, it's nothing to them. They hope to get more out of you later. The two Resistance games are the only ones that actually hit a million on their own.

Con: Ensemble's games sold well. The Age series always did well. So did the flight simulators. And please don't tell me you believe Bungie lost money. It's call a change in your business model. Again, if it was about losing money, Rare would have been the first to go. And how is it you fanboys always point out Microsoft closing studios, but don't mention that they are starting a new large studio and keeping a lot of the personnel from the ones they closed. Even members of Bungie stayed at MS. And if it is all about money, why do they seem to have more than enough to keep buying exclusive DLC.

It's just a different way of doing things. No biggie though, most people don't get something until the type that do have moved on to something new. It's kinda like when people stopped trying to do everything in-house and started outsourcing. Unfortunately the ones that move too slow are the ones that become know as dinosaurs and end up going extinct.

It took Stringer this long to get the fools to start consolidating the divisions.

Oh, and not a fanboy, I just look at things realistically.

And Con, stop shaking your head. You've already done enough damage.

dcbronco3790d ago

The problem with what you're saying is this. It doesn't seem to matter for MS, because at the end of the fiscal year, they will have 14-15 billion in profits to show for what they've done. Sony, on the other hand, will have a loss of 2 billion. And before the fanboys go crazy and disagree, that loss estimate comes from Sony. But then rational thought isn't a fanboy trait so go ahead and disagree.

Argento-Nox3790d ago


I know all about the several billion dollar loss from the PS3, but as I've said before, Sony have PS2 and PSP gains to negate some of those losses. If Sony losses money in one area, they make it back in others.

The recession is a major factor in sales of TV's, laptops, cellphones etc., for Sony. The same can't be said for MS, IE8 is just plain lossing ground to Google chrome and Firefox and Vista has been a miserable mess since day 1 (even my cousin who works for MS can't deny this).

Saying the billion dollars lost was only on Sony's end would be ignoring the fact that MS themselves have lost 1.1 billion on the 360, prior to cost for fixing/refurbishing 360's. Ignorance for some is bliss, but that's not the case for me. If were talking profit, then Nintendo is the biggest winner this gen, not MS nor Sony.

dcbronco3789d ago

When I'm speaking of the loses at Sony, I'm talking company wide. Sony will lose 2.1 billion as a whole according to their estimates. And I did mention MS losing money. It wasn't as clear so let me clarify. Microsoft has estimated they will have between 14.5-15 billion in profits as apposed to 16.5 or so they were expecting. And the loses they are talking about were a restatement caused by the economic turn-down. The same economic problems that had Sony make changes to show a 2.1 billion lose. And you're right on the PS3, the PSP and PS2 do cover the loses. Unfortunately the PS3 has completely killed to money making products for the last three years.

You do sound like a sensible person which means you understand that Sony can't afford a much needed price cut on the PS3. That is unless the recent merging of the divisions was to save money to use as insulation for a price cut. That is what I believe they need to be doing. But, I'm not sure Stringer is sold on the video game market. He knows it's a fast growing market, but I think he believes Sony should step aside and concentrate on the software side as they have lost the hardware edge.

R & D has become too expensive to stay on top and having Microsoft enter the field changes the dynamic. Now that Xbox has become a profitable business, Microsoft can start concentrating on maintaining a foothold and at this point Sony isn't in a position to fight such a financial heavyweight. Had they not included Blu-ray, it's a fight in which they have the upper hand. Now, they are in last place needing drastic measures to stay in the game.

Argento-Nox3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


I understand where your coming from, but we'll have to agree to disagree. A lot of people don't seem to realize that the total net asset behind Sony is roughly double that of MS. It makes perfect sense when you consider that Sony owns 3 of 8 major movie studios; MGM, Columbia Tristar, and Sony movies, all this before their BMG music division.

I just don't see Stringer pulling the plug on a future PS4 development b/c Sony has been using the Playstation to push their format of choice for the last 3 gens; CD (PS1), DVD (PS2), and Blu-ray (PS3). Sony has had it's fair share of failures; mini-disc, UMD etc.; but that's just the cost of investing in future products, ultimately negated by successful formats and products. The playstation brand/game division as a whole is doing what other Sony brands (TV's, cellphones etc.) isn't, that's making a net positive profit.

Did you know Sony owns roughly 30% of comcast, the US cable TV operator. Take a look at what Sony is doing in partnership with comcast: Take a look at this article: While MS is shutting down studios, Sony is looking to do the opposite and expand by purchasing companies in dire straights while investing in other potentially profitable areas.

Take into consideration that the PSP has successful entered the portable market to do what other portable consoles have never done; take a huge 1/3 of Nintendo's portable game market away, with the PS3 still on target to sell 100 million units, assuming it keeps it's 10 year promise like it's older brothers PS2 and PS1. I make you a bet that even if the PS3 doesn't get 100 million units, the PSP will. I'm banking on a PS4 and a PSP2; the later which I believe will challenge both the iphone and NDS2 (whatever Ninty calls their new portable unit) as a unit in between both for multi-functionality.

People laugh now and say blu-ray will never be as popular as DVD or CD due to higher cost etc.; but I've watched CD takeover tape cassettes when people said it wouldn't due to cost and popularity, than I watched DVD take over CD's and VHS for the exact same reasons. Did you know it actually took 7 years for DVD to finally takeover VHS sales in N.A? There's way too many roadblocks in my home country of Canada and the U.S for digital downloads to do anything for the next 5 years or so.

I'm not saying blu-ray will completely wipeout DVD, but I believe it's already started taking a foothold in the next gen. Not even 360 fanboys would be stupid enough to say DVD is enough for HD gaming next gen. If MS uses DVD's again next gen with mandatory installation to the harddrive like most PC games; they will be ridiculed for the mandatory install just like the majority of PS3 games now. If they ever did a mandatory install like PC games for their next console, we mind as well just play a better version of those MS games on the PC anyways.

As for future investments into the next MS console; it's been made possible b/c they've consolidated losses by getting rid of studios (Ensemble studios, MS flight sim) while restructuring others (Rare). A big reason MS in investing in the videogame market, is b/c as you said it's making profit (although they did sweep the RROD cost into their 2007 fiscal year), that's why I'm skeptical of Zunes being around much longer since it's not really turning a profit. I don't think a lot realize the importance of Windows 7 being successful, other than games, Windows 7 is MS's elusive holy grail back to dominance in the software market.

The_Beast3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

"Sony is struggling financially"

Revenue ▲ US$ 100 Billion (2009)[2]
Operating income ▲ US$4 Billion (2008)[3]
Net income ▲ US$ 10 Billion (2009)[citation needed]
Total assets ▲ US$ 190 Billion (2009) 3trillion y
Total equity ▲ US$ 30 Billion (2009)
Employees 180,500(as of 32 March


BTW i hope you do know that Sony has tons of ways of making money.. one was that in 2008.. SONY Pictures alone pulled in 10 Billion dollars.. so don't start saying there

"concept of what bills are" I LOL

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Omega43791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

And yet they have only produced 1 AAA game Killzone 2
While MS 1st party devs has produced 2 Halo 3 and Forza 2
And Nintendo has made whooping 4 with SSBB, Zelda, SMG and Metroid and thats not including DS games

Quality is better than quantity Sony, maybe someday you will learn that fact

PirateThom3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

This AAA thing again?

Uncharted is probably better than most of those games you listed, but isn't "AAA" according to Metacritic. Try and find a single person who hates the game though.

And, if you really want to get into it:

There's 2 "AAA" PS3 titles from first parties.

Edit to below: LittleBigPlanet is third party.

lloyd_wonder3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Get your facts checked if you're going to troll. Matter of fact, you're doing just fine

Cyrax_873791d ago (Edited 3791d ago ) fail so hard it hurts, learn to count. I guess I'd be pissed off too if I only had Halo Wars to play for 6 months.

chrisnick3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

sony has more AAA do your math boy, and since you mentioned killzone2, its only fair to say you're comparing 2009 titles, which none of the other titles u stated are. sony had about 4-5 AAA titles last year, and 3 already this year (kz2, yakuza 3, mlb 09) and its only april... uncharted2, gt5, will instantly add 2 more...times have changed, sony is pumping out more games than wii and 360 with it.

Omega43791d ago

Well at least metacrtic isnt fanboy opinion. Cause i bet by your opinion every single PS3 game is AAA, and i could say the same and say every 360 exclusive is AAA including Too Human and Ninja Blade. So thats why im basing my AAA status on metacrtic.

I honest didnt know that MLB The Show 09 was made by Sony so i guess that makes them even with MS. And MM isnt first party

PirateThom3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Nope, Motorstorm is garbage as a key example. Resistance 2 also sucks and there's more but those are the only ones I've played that I really didn't like. The thing is, do you like Ninja Blade and Too Human? If you do, then why does Metacritic matter at all? Bioshock is one of the highest rated games on Metacritic and I find it to be one of the most boring games ever created. Metacritic is still opinion.

No one talked about AAA before this gen, it doesn't matter when you have countless people telling you a game is good even when it's metacritic score is sub-90.

Marceles3791d ago

"Bioshock is one of the highest rated games on Metacritic and I find it to be one of the most boring games ever created."

I bought the 360 version with my 360...never beat it, bought the new PS3 version and still didn't beat it. I just cant get into the game. Other people love it but after the intro I totally just lose interest in it.

Xulap3791d ago

Omega, you're digging your own hole.
Even if the only quality title Sony have was Killzone 2, it's quality is far greater than all the first party titles Microsoft have to offer. And this is where your last sentence comes in; "quality > quantity".

But seeing that you're a blind Xbox fan, you won't see the other great titles the PlayStation 3 has.
So, eh.... Blah, why do I even bother...

thor3791d ago

Motorstorm is garbage?!? It's one of the best games I've played. Wipeout HD is also AAA in my book (I think it's about 89 on meta).
Oh and LBP is 2nd party.

Omega43791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Even though metactric is opinion its still a solid number which (once all reviews are in) doesnt change, so it can be used as solid evidence for the quality of a game. I mean look how many times have MS and Sony have quoted metactric so its obviously a good source to use.

And i'd rather base my opinon on something since it makes it a lot hard for someone to disagree with it.

And the reason no one cared about AAA befoe this gen was because the PS2 had the best games and everyone new that so there was no need for fighting or a console war. Now that the playing field is more even and each console got multiple AAA games people have reason say their console is better

"Even if the only quality title Sony have was Killzone 2, it's quality is far greater than all the first party titles Microsoft have to offer"
LOL dont make me laugh.....oh wait you did LOL!!

Bordel_19003791d ago

@Pirate Thom

Anyone saying Motorstorm is garbage is a complete moron and does not know anything about gaming.

Why o why3791d ago

Omega4 is relentless. He wouldn't recognise a great sony exclusive even if his life depended on it. Try not to get sucked in. Don't put him on ignore just give him an 'OK' or a smiley face and let him be. He hates when his bile-like comments get ignored.

Omegasyde3791d ago

Omega4, you forgot WipeoutHD

And If you find a better off road racing game that compares to Motorstorm 2 let me know.

Dirt is outdated, and Pure can't even compare in features let alone graphics.

So Motorstorm 2 might not be AAA in your book, its still the cream the of the crop in off road racing. That has to account for something.

thor3791d ago

Omega you have a valid point that Sony 1st party devs should be making more games. But here's where all the talent has gone:

SCE Japan have produced
Some PSP games

Team ICO have produced nothing and are still working on their game/games.

Clap Hanz have produced Hot Shots Golf on PSP and PS3

Polyphony have produced GT5:Prologue but are still working on GT5.

Naughty Dog have produced Uncharted and are still working on Uncharted 2.

Santa Monica have produced nothing and are still working on GoW3.

San Diego Studio have produced MLB: The Show and presumably are working on the next iteration.

Sony Bend have produced PSP games and nothing but.

Sony Online Entertainment produce MMOs for PC but are working on The Agency.

Incognito have produced Calling All Cars and Warhawk. They have since become Lightbox Interactive and are working on an unannounced game.

Zipper are working on MAG but have produced no PS3 games.

SCE London, one of Sony's biggest first-party studios, have made nothing but Singstar and are working on Eyepet. One of the major reasons SCE London has not made many games is because they have been wasting their time on Home with SCE Cambridge. Eight Days and The Getaway were cancelled in favour of Home.

SCE Cambridge have worked on Home and so have only managed to produce Play TV for PS3 and are working on the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet.

Studio Liverpool worked on Wipeout HD, which took a long long time to come out, so are now working on an unknown project.

Guerrilla have produced Killzone 2 and so aree now producing DLC and doing pre-production on their next game.

Evolution have produced Motorstorm 1 and 2.

Bigbig have produced only PSP games.

So as you can see, after that long long list, you can spot a pattern. Most Sony 1st party devs either work on PSP games, or take a really long time to produce PS3 games. Problems with development? I don't think so - I think it's because Sony NEED them to produce visually stunning games to vindicate their hardware cost. So they spend too much time making the games.

Viper73791d ago

Personaly all these "AAA" metacritic bablings is just lame, personaly I liked resistance, heavenly sword and folklore. They didnt get insanely high scores on metacritic but why should I care?

I am sure X360 has plenty of good games that ppl forget just because their metacritic ratio is below 8.0 or 9.0.

The point is that even tough biased or not reviewers have given a good metacritic score for their first party games, the games like resistance2, warhawk, Littlebigplanet, Killzone, Everybodys golf, Patapon, Locoroco etc etc
have all managed to get atleast some form of Fans and audience.
With this they have managed to get a new some what popular brands that will help to sell their next games and hardware because the fans will want to play them.

And because most of those are eather second party or first party theres not really high chance to loose those titles to rival consoles.

now if youll excuse me Ill go play my Disgaea 3 (meta 78) and Armored core for answer (meta 62)

Rainstorm813790d ago

1 triple A game??? Forza2 is MS second triple A title??

Look triple A is a matter of opinion. Too Human & Haze was regarded as Triple A before they came out and now no one would say such a thing. Games like Uncharted was never considered an AAA title but yet it is light years ahead of Too Human & Haze. I guess we have to wait until U2: Among Thieves for the series to be considered as Triple A. That is the problem with metacritic it is the opinion of gamers it just happens to be their job to give out their opinion. Its best to go to multiple sites like metacritic , and get as many opinions before you develop one of your own. the best way is to play the game for yourself

On topic: Sony clearly has the most and best development studios. Thats why everytime Sony announces a game its a media spectacle and everyone expects it to be a triple A game. Everyone expects greatness from a great company (look at the past 14 yrs) but if they dont deliver EPIC FAIL. sad really

and Omega you said "quality over quantity" one ?
Who has more games and better quality games??
better yet which is a better quality system??

First party games take time.
Too Human - 10 yrs
Killzone2 - 5 yrs
MSG4 - 5+ yrs
Halo 2 & 3 - 3+ yrs
Uncharted series 2-3 yrs
you see my point

shadow27973790d ago


"I honest didnt know that MLB The Show 09 was made by Sony so i guess that makes them even with MS."

So we can agree it's a tie? Okay, so I think the next logical step would be to look at AA games. So here's a list that I gathered from metacritic of first party AA games from both MS and Sony. I'm not positive which Microsoft studios are first party or not, so forgive me if I made a mistake. If I did make a mistake or miss any game, let me know.

Project Gotham Racing 3 (88)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (85)
Viva Pinata (84)
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (82)
Halo Wars (82)
Perfect Dark Zero (81)
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (80)
(As far as I can tell, Ninja Gaiden II and Crackdown were both second party games)
Total: 7

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (89)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (88)
Resistance 2 (87)
Resistance: Fall of Man (86)
MLB 08: The Show (85)
Warhawk (84)
Motorstorm (82)
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift (82)
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (81)
Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge (80)

Total: 10

Sony wins in the number of AA games. Of course, all this is irrelevant and off topic since Sony did not claim that their studios were better, just that they had a bigger division. But I thought I would use your own logic against you anyway.

On a different note, if Nintendo's AAA first party games had been included in this discussion from the start, we would realize how silly this is anyway. You know, since there are 4 AAA first party titles on the Wii and all. Either you believe in metacritic, or you don't, you can't have it both ways.

Personally I like the Motorstorm Series, they're not amazing, but they're pretty fun. And I loved R2's campaign, but I never got a chance to spend much time on the multiplayer outside of the beta.

Sorry for the long post.

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fantasygamer3791d ago

LittleBigPlanet is an AAA game

Mr Marbles3791d ago

is weird kiddy crap, that didn't interest anyone but PS3 fanboys.

Sony has all these studios, but we had to wait this far into the consoles life to get ONE game that you saps can feel proud of, and proud you are, every time you open your mouths Killzone wordgasms come out.

Sony should STFU until they get outta 3rd place, seriously they are in no position to be smack talkin.

GamerPS3603791d ago

So is your Halo 3. Its nothing but kids game. I played only 30 minutes before I put that back in case. I still own it though :(.

chrisnick3791d ago

you sound mad...stop whining, take the thong out of ur a$$ and pull your skirt up...according to metacritic lbp is still better than gears, i'll play the hell outta both tho.

Omegasyde3791d ago

Little big planet is like from 2nd party. Marbles is angry becuase he has been waiting forever for the PS3 price cut. He is scared that he will buy the console, and then a week later Sony will announce a price cut.

thor3791d ago

Marbles, you're so wrong. Killzone 2 is a great game - but it's only used as fanboy fodder because of comments like yours saying "LBP is a kids game", "MGS4 is all cutscenes lololol". Those games are both better than KZ2 IMO.

I agree that Sony's 1st party haven't produced much (see my above comment for a complete list), but why do we care who a game is made by? LBP is 2nd party and MGS4 is 3rd party but they are both AAA exclusive games. Reason enough to buy the console, certainly. Plus, I think that if LBP only appealed to kids we wouldn't have such expert creators in the community.

NIGHT_HAWK32103790d ago

halo is not a kids game. just cause you guys arent good and there are kids that you get owned by doesnt mean that its for kids. its a game about killing people, are you serious? kids plays every game. i hear little dbags running around killzone too, even though the killzone servers are pretty empty (i know your jealous) halo only has so many kids playing because the community is huge. there are a lot of kids and adults. you fanboys dont play it so how do you know. if you do play its not very long. you cannot judge a game negatively cause your not good at it.

Rainstorm813790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

your name suits you.
Uncharted is technologically superior to anything on Xbox360 and thats an 07 game.

As for Halo NightHawk, purple guns, blue enemies, orange blood, chipmunk sounding midget grunts? Thats why it appeals to kids. it is also the reason it got pwned by COD4:MW a real FPS for a more adult audience.
Halo 1 best in the series IMO

JHUX3790d ago

NightHawk, just from your posts on this piece it's quite obvious you are the fanboy, and it's quite obvious you don't own a ps3. If you at least sounded like you knew what you were talking about you might seem believable. You talk about this being such a ps3 fanboy website, yet there are so many 360 fanboys like yourself running around it's hard to believe. I mean in 2007 I believe this place was a 360 orgy 24/7. If you were to say "Hey, Uncharted is a pretty good game" you would be down to 1 bubble, so it's definitely not as bad here as it used to be, but it's still run with fanboys on both sides, and the news is hardly news.

Then to say LBP is a kids game is laughable as well, it definitely will appeal to kids, and I thought the same thing when my nephews would come over, but it's to hard for them to even try to figure out. Plus there are some pretty sweet community levels that I'm pretty sure a 12 year old wouldn't of been able to make. Of course the majority of 12 year olds are spamming their mics on halo.

SoapShoes3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Because he knows Microsoft doesn't have anything coming out this year. Not yet anyway, there will be stuff revealed at E3, but Sony has unannounced stuff too. So he knows PS3 already has a great lineup with more stuff to counter Microsoft's at E3 and that is why he's upset.

You can't brag about your games when you're in 3rd place? I never knew that... I guess all of these Xbox fanboys from when the first one was out shouldn't have been bragging because it doesn't matter if games are good if you're in last place. :| I guess Microsoft still can't brag because they're in Second place and just as far behind as they were last gen?

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kewlkat0073791d ago

Now what about Marketing/advertising?

How does your Exclusive sell Vs the Others?

lloyd_wonder3791d ago

And why does sales matter to you? If a game sells well enough to warrant a sequel. What's the vested interest?

Why o why3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

another 'sales over games' comment. How about asking if the games made by these studios make enough money to turn a profit/ make a sequel financially viable. They dont need Gran turismo or halo numbers to be a success now do they. The proof is that the games keep coming and sequels are still being made. Guess who benefits the most out of all this, the sony gamer. I find it hard to play that npd game. I much prefer actual games that keep popping up despite the fanboy notion that Sony's games don't sell well enough to meet the aforementioned criteria. Personally i couldn't give a d as long as MY enjoyment of the game isn't sales/user dependent like its online component for example. My point is a game could sell 7 copies or 7 million. It doesn't make a difference to my enjoyment. Im in this for me first, devs and their accountants next not the other way around.

Did ico or sotc sell trillions??? Were they great, genre defining games??? Will team ico make another game??? OK then. Ill enjoy my modest sellers whilst you can re enjoy games like wii fit whilst you wait for the next blockbuster

kewlkat0073791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Sales matter when Developers HARD WORK is not MAXIMIZED because of, the lack of a great Ad campaign, so that game can Turn Heads and reach the most sellers it possibly can.

This is not about "my game sells more so it's better." Which is what your probably referring to, since many are overly sensitive to Sony criticism.

The BIGGEST game so far has been MGS4 and it's an Exclusive 3rd-party far

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your reason for becoming a 'GAMER' was to play games not sales figures. Maybe the promotion you're talking about could be channelled to make you know, more games. You can only ever enjoy one copy of each game. Dont act like you really care about developers like that. Why even mention MGS, why deflect. Just say that you would prefer to play MORE games of a higher quality than MS has offered you since 'the perfect storm' a couple of years ago. Maybe you should pick the bones out of why the games that are actually diverse or the ones that are timed DONT sell halo numbers on the 360 since you're such a caring individual

'Because sales matter to Sequels and The Bottom Line'

ill repeat

'How about asking if the games made by these studios make enough money to turn a profit/ make a sequel financially viable. They dont need Gran turismo or halo numbers to be a success now do they'

Its almost as if you didn't read or understand what I put or even answer the questions posed. If you cared so objectively and deeply you be begging namco and SE to stop anally raping themselves in asia by exclusively releasing their titles on a machine that isn't helping their own 'bottom lines'

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I'm not a gamer.....haha what else is next...


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Dude, just get over it. Sony makes great games and they sell well enough to warrant sequels/make a profit. Oh bu bu bu but teh sellz!! Give me a break, they don't matter if they made a profit. Get it? Got it? Good! Now if it sold horribly and couldn't turn a profit, that's cause for concern, but so far Uncharted, Ratchet, Resistance 1&2, Motorstorm 1&2, Warhawk, etc, etc have sold enough worldwide to make a profit.

For that matter you started off saying, "How does your Exclusive sell Vs the Others?" and then you turn around singing a different tune because of what the other guy said. As already stated it doesn't matter if your exclusives sell more than the competition's exclusives if they 1) make a profit and 2) keep pumping out more exclusives than the competition(which they have).

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