A Solution To Why Shovelware Outsells Core

NintendoDpad writes:
"Has anyone ever gone to the local Target or maybe Walmart and looked in the Wii section at games? You have probably seen your share of shovelware engulfing the lone core titles on the system, but have you ever really looked hard? People have been complaining that the Wii cant sell core titles and although in my opinion they are wrong it is hard for me to counter that argument until today."

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nintendohomie3791d ago

I really wish Metroid Prime would have done better. Good article.

avantgarde843791d ago

I havent seen Metroid on shelves since before Christmas

Product3791d ago

I really wish they would fix this problem, this problem doesn't exist on Xbox or Ps3. If it is not selling it's gone.

nintendohomie3791d ago

True though you ever notice Wii has 3 cases while the xbox and ps3 have only 1 or 2? Less is more sometimes.

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

This problem was present to a lesser extent with the PS2. The quality games would be there but they'd be available for less time. I still haven't been able to find a copy of Okami.

Dark-vash3791d ago

Were I live, Portugal, its exactly the same...
But... we do have another problem, worst then this!

The prices! Core games tend to keep the same price for years!
So, not everyone is willing to pay 60E for a game with 2 years old!
shovelwere tend to drop prices a lot faster and keep selling that way!

So core gamers, like me, and most people I know, buy games at online retailers from Uk! they are a lot cheaper!

FreestyleBarnacle3791d ago

Unlike with film and music titles don't have a tendency to hang around. It will probably change. It wasn't long ago when a Prodigy CD was over £15 here but a few shops and online retailers started selling broader ranges of older CDs at reasonable prices and it all crashed. Now you get a fair few CDs for a fiver being the norm including stuff that isn't chart material.
Prodigy of course became a chart act which makes rehashes of it's own material and are no longer really worth listening to.

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infamous_273791d ago

Well actually shovelware outsells core games becausbe many of Wii's userbase is children under 7 who dont know how to play games. Instead the parents buying minigames for the child.

Seferoth753791d ago

So why did so much of it sell on PS2 then? Oh it must have been because all the owners were 7 also.... Great point you made there. So that makes you what? 9? So enjoy your rugrats and Hanna Montana kid. Leave the trolling for people who actually know how..

Mr Fancy Pants3791d ago

Seferoth75, I know your response was sarcasm but it has some true behind it. PS2 has a 150 million user base and most of them were casual gamers...

Right now the Wii has more casual power and because of that look at how it will surpass the PS2 in sales with a bunch or crappy games.

If you haven't notice by now I do think that there are more casual gamers than core... All this was based on just opinions not facts so, don't come attacking me like a crazy dog cuz you found a flaw...

tiberious1513791d ago

I've had this same problem ever since I have owned a Wii. I have to constantly call retailors in my area or specifically order them in to find any of the good ones. Anytime I could easily find me and my little horse (not that I would want too) but finding something like Tales of Symphonia or Rune Factory tends to be quite a pain. I won't order from Gamestop now since I found out they give your credit card numbers to a scam called Reservation Rewards.

avantgarde843791d ago

Good call Rune is no where to be found in my area.

Is that true about Gamestop???

rambi803791d ago

i think the reason the WII bothers most gamers is that we see potential for the industry taking the same direction as mainstream cinema years ago. IE produce crap that panders to the masses

But like that industry, quality will always be produced...just in lower quantities.

What makes it interesting to me is that the movie + TV industries have improved to compete with gaming + has been doing a lot better because of it.

N4g_null3791d ago

That is the main problem with HD game. It doesn't even cater to traditional gaming, IE platformers, shumups, adventure games, arcade action, skill based gaming.

All I see is online FPS and sims. Sure there are more games out their but who is buying them? It sure is not HD gamers.

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