Can The PS3 Ever Match The PS2?

PSX Extreme writes: "Sony has announced that impressive 136 million worldwide sell-in statistic for the PlayStation 2, and it got us to wondering: will the PlayStation 3 ever match or surpass the immense success of its predecessor?"

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PoSTedUP3791d ago

i dont think so, the ps2 was not in the middle of an economic crisis priced at 400-600$.. : /

Hallucinate3791d ago

um if your talking about sales...then yea..but its definitly possible if your looking at the games

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3791d ago

...pretty happy with my ps3. I have it set under my tv...the same tv i had my ps2 hooked up to. And my ps2 stands omnipotently on the shelve gazing down at its if to say..."Make me proud".

Overly dramatic I know...but still...ps2 has good memories.