PSX Extreme: Burn Zombie Burn Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Here's a fun personal memory for you: I distinctly recall walking into my friend's house all these years ago (I won't tell you how many years, but you can probably guess), and he was sitting there in front of the TV, playing a game…and literally sweating. It was the middle of winter and he had actually turned the heat down because he was "getting hot." I looked at the screen and saw what appeared to be a chaotic maelstrom of nonsense; a senseless swarm of insanity, and I barely perceived a tiny different-colored character in the middle, spinning around and trying to shoot everything in the vicinity. It was SmashTV, so when I heard about Burn Zombie Burn and I realized the concept was similar, my ears perked up and I quickly got all nostalgic…as you can see."

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