Can MAG become the next Socom??

MAG is a new IP developed by Zipper Interactive, the creators of the Socom franchise. This shooter will support up to 256 total players online at one time, which are broken down into 8 player squads. We have seen the first screen shots already and personally I think MAG is going to be the truth. It could easily be the next Socom due to the experience Zipper brings to the shooter genre. A good amount of Socom fans are not happy with Confrontation, and the creators of that franchise are offering something more.

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PoSTedUP3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

MAG= FPS. answer= NO!

could become the next fun online war simulator though : )

Cinos1233788d ago

I hear that.

Unless its an option like old school players asked for back in the Socom 1and2 days. 1st person and 3rd person option for could work.

sonarus3788d ago

Has mag been confirmed to be FPS. IMO TPS gameplay is nicest for what they are trying to accomplish. FPS will make the game too fast and it will just end up a silly frag fest.

Like KZ2 is fvkin awesome when under 20 players are playing. Anymore than that and you are just playing against fvkin grenade spammers

Omegasyde3788d ago

I am praying that the game is tactical to begin with.

256 games with no respawns would be sweet. Of coarse, Like Socom on 32 players I would let the herd thin a little. :)

but 256 players, which will be a FPS except in vehicles ( guessing ) with respawns on doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Imagine the base-raping that would be done if out numbered.

agentace3788d ago

i dont think base raping will be a probelm because i think you get dropped in from planes so it will be like every time 10 people a plane will come a drop them back in

DeadlyFire3788d ago

MAG will be FPS and hopefully never support Third person. Tactical FPS = first person only.

MAG will be great. Don't worry so much.

Saigon3788d ago

I think not...I doubt zipper will fail...this is there first official game on the PS3...

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TrevorPhillips3788d ago

No because its no where near socom 2 different games and MAG is a FPS and socom is a 3rd

DelbertGrady3788d ago

Did hiphopgamer teach you how to write?

lloyd_wonder3788d ago

MAG isn't confirmed to be an FPS.

PoSTedUP3788d ago

i would think so, judging by them screen shots...

SL1M DADDY3788d ago

How about we let MAG be MAG and keep the speculation down to a minimum. Besides, if it is anything like SOCOM, let's hope it is nothing like the lobby system and more like the game play. If they could make a lobby like COD4 and have SOCOM game play...


silverchode3788d ago

i think mag will we another disappointment, it sounds like things will be to chaotic and i dont see this game having much longevity.

DMasta7183788d ago

If they keep 256 seperated at a good distance (Which I'm sure they will), it won't be too chaotic.

Hopefully, MAG gameplay is promising and as addicting as SOCOM 2 back in the days.

Omegasyde3788d ago

They might take a page out Insomniacs book, have multiple teams go after different objectives.

Works in Resistance 2. My only gripe is that maps are too small for that game, but If they implement the scale in warhawk maps it would be perfect.

Hallucinate3788d ago

ya know MAG is the only game i wont defend..cause like your could either go horribly wrong or awesomly awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.