Concept art of new PS3 game 'Beat' surfaces

Recently, concept art of Killswitch's first project were found. Called Beat, mock up box shots indicate the title is in development for the PS3, though it may not necessarily be an exclusive title. The concept art page is down now, but Google's cache reveals the title was pitched to developers at GDC. Check out Evan Cagle's site for more concept art for the game.

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gauntletpython3788d ago

I like the style... reminds me of InFamous, but the contrast between the cartoony style and dark overtones is even greater.

jams_shop3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I hope we get see/know more about this game soon(E3)

Zeus Lee3788d ago

I can see this working as a PSN download

shadowfox3788d ago

looks amazing. wonder if it will end up being a multiplatform title though? unless sony picked it up...

-EvoAnubis-3788d ago

Vaguly interesting, but until I see something . . . more fully fleshed-out, I'm placing this firmly in my "Don't Care" box. Concept art does not a game make. I saw concept art for Duke Nukem Forever over a decade ago.

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