PS3 on the March, Wii slumps, Xbox 360 stagnates


"The Xbox 360 is doing OK but not great. Certainly, Microsoft is selling enough units of its second-gen console to warrant having made the effort to try and interest the Japanese in giving the hardware a chance. But this story isn't really about the Xbox 360.

The Playstation 3 has for the first time in 16 months outsold the Wii. That's quite an achievement. Most are putting the success down to the release of Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 and Resident Evil 5, which finished first and second in the software sales chart respectively. But is there more at work here? Are the Japanese public finally realizing they need more than a Wii and their DS or PSP?"

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SasanovaS7773791d ago

welcome to the true next gen. the playstation 3.

earwax3790d ago

Who cares? do it in the USA/ North America and the UK

infekt3790d ago

Canada is turning Sony, buddy boy.. it'll just be the UK and US eventually.


In this long console race, it seems the wii is running out of steam to get to the finish line WHILE the 360 keeps tripping on its own shoelaces.

KUTARAGI owns teh console engineering.

All haters, grab some tissues its gonna get ugly for ya

y0haN3790d ago

'stagnates' has such a negative connotations for a word that means 'does not move'.

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lloyd_wonder3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Truth is, Microsoft or the xbox won't ever be relevant in Japan. It's the cheapest console there, has all the major JRPG's up until this point, and it still can't compete there. Japan is a big market most Japanese publishers won't just abandon. That's why you have Namco jumping ship, Final Fantasy XIII exclusive in Japan, and Resident Evil 5 on the PS3 outselling the 360 version 4:1.

You have stories like this....

And people always say that Japan isn't relevant. The 360 sold 1mil consoles there in a 3-4 year time span, but the PS2 sold "980k" consoles the day it launched and went on to sale 21mil units. Why do you think Sony had all the Final Fantasy's, Resident Evil's, and Metal Gears? Because the PlayStation business is a global business. With a foot in every region.

Also, after seeing RE5's PS3 numbers, Lost Planet 2 is as good as multiplatform

maxcer3790d ago

can't anyone see that the Xbox brand will most likely never do as good as domestic products in Japan? the fact is that they buy their own stuff and shy away from foreign ideas and products, even if that means they wont be able to play new JRPGS that are currently out on an american platform. i guess you could call it patriotism

jlemdon3790d ago

That the U.S. runs this generation by far, I know some of you are upset.

but just think about it, what if you(the american) were selling stuff in Japan and no one would support because your an american.

That's how I see it, I bet if Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey came to PS3 we would've seen triple the sales on those games.:(

I'm glad to be an American supporting american products, even though I do own a PS3.:)

Sayai jin3790d ago

Japan is very important, but where do you live?

-EvoAnubis-3791d ago

That's pretty damned impressive! I wonder if that'll last?

The 360 also did pretty well; I've seen months when they struggled to get 20,000 units sold in that region. Yeah, the Wii dropped a bit, but that's probably because damn near everyone has one already; that thing already sold an ungodly amount of units.

nycredude3790d ago

Anyone who says or thinks that everyone in Japan has a Wii either hasn't a clue or are just plain ignorant, and judging by your agrees there are a few. The wii was at just over 7M in Japan at the end of last year where as the ps2 is at around 20M. NOT everyone in Japan owns a Wii, Ps2, Ps3, or an xbox!

San Frandisco3791d ago


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