Hate Your Internet Fees? Check This Out.

PlayStation LifeStyle goes in-depth to uncover the true cost of broadband services, and why ISP providers charge so much for high speed internet in North America. If you've ever played your games online, this article is a must read.

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CrippleH3792d ago

Good article.

That's what I'm going to do when Verizon Fios is available in my area, which it's not yet.

Screw ComCr*p.

player9113791d ago

I have 20Mbps. They're limiting fiber to 3mbps? what a rip off. I can pay $30 bucks a month for 20Mbps or 3Mbps... hmmm tough choice.

DJ3791d ago

But yeah, that's a good example of why people should search around for the best deals. I've never heard of Insight. I'll have to check 'em out. =]

Magna Farta3792d ago

....and it points outs, plain as day, what exactly we have to do. Everybody needs to have the balls to say that enough is enough. Honestly, companies like this start to get scared when they piss off their customers, and I'm proof, albeit only one person.

I got my 10Mb cable line through Insight Communications back in 2005, to which they charged me $20/month for 6 months, which then became $35/month...I wasn't upset because they were UPFRONT with the change in price when I got it.

Enter in 2008, when Crapcast decided that north central Illinois was getting off easy, they exercised their 60% ownership in Insight and booted them to rural Kentucky, while Crapcast took over, raised prices, and switched certain standard cable channels to premium ones that you had to now pay extra for. The only good they did was double the HD lineup, but the channels they got in HD are hardly worth the cost of the HD DVR, which is required to view them.

Then I got my first adjusted bill from them, charging me $65/month for my 10Mb connnection. I called and was polite to the lady who was cursed to work for these scum. She said I'm paying that much because Comcast's normal broadband is 6Mb at $55 or so a month, so they're charging a premium rate for having inherited Insight's superior network.

Naturally, I explained to the lady that I have been a customer for years who has paid every bill on time and in full, I did NOT ask for Comcast to move in, they forced their way in, and therefore I was entitled to some sort of retention reimbursement if they wished to keep me as a PAYING customer, as opposed to a wireless leecher or a bum that has 30 different names at the same address to keep not paying a cable bill.

She understood this completely and was able to compromise my price down to a respectable $33/month...whether it's permanent or not remains to be seen.

The point of this long diatribe is that if you assert yourself a little and prove to these companies that your money keeps them afloat (and it helps to prove you pay your bill when doing this), you can catch a break here and may not get you 160Mb for $60/month, but it'll lessen the Force Choke on your wallet a little.

LorD3791d ago

For five years now, I've been paying half the price of what the average internet service is.

Every six months, when they jack up the price, you call them, say you can't afford it, and if they won't keep your previous price, to please cancel the service so you may negotiate with their competitor.

Grow some balls people, and they'll lower your price.

Darkfiber3791d ago

Here, our $30 a month service is a 500kbps connection with a 2GB monthly download limit. 2. 2GB. 2.....................ARE YOU READING THIS?! 2 EFFING GB! I use that in a day! How are they getting away with this sh*t? Seriously an outrage. I find it funny when Americans are complaining about a 500gb limit. I would kill for that!

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