Why the PlayStation Home Beta STILL Sucks

Roughly five months after its launch, Sony is still pushing the PlayStation Home Beta onto PS3 owners. Yet, contrary to the hype behind it, Home was met with a mixed reaction; some loved it while others absolutely hated it.

Binge Gamer's Perry Piekarski reexamines why the PlayStation Home Beta is a disappointment and why gamers should invest their time in other things.

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ape0073784d ago

it's still pointless

hope more updates make it a real winner

Deviant3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

this article or home?

Edit: u've edited xD

Blaze9293784d ago

i booted up home again after like 2-3 months of not using it to check out all the new spaces like the Warhawk and Capcom space. Downloaded them, loaded them, looked around and even had some fun in the Guitar Hero space. Then...I got bored becuase theres STILL (imo) nothing to do and completely pointless. So again, doubt ill be loading up HOME for quite some time.

3784d ago
Trollimite3784d ago

im in college and i have lots of other friends at different college. we meat there just to chat and bowl somtimes.

so i guess its not a complete failure

littletad3783d ago

Not hating it, been having fun with Killzone and Persona 4. I think Sony has just failed to explain it's importance to the fans and consumers, as I really don't know what it's suppose to be myself.

3783d ago

i really like many features about the sony console and i know for certain they will add many moar. but home fails.

CaseyRyback_CPO3783d ago

HOME in its current state isn't entirely what was advertised by Sony. But its in the Beta stage. Now, as I hear all of you going "thats just an excuse!" its not, Because there is no excuse needed to give to anyone that understands what a beta is.

The people pretending that they NEED to be in home are to blame. You guys are children, im sorry. If you can't understand the logic behind a package/program being a work in progress, then move on. You probably aren't the person in home who is currently buying items, unlocking items in games, participating in xi, syncing dances, bowling, hanging out in the theater, trying to bust ahead in line at guitar hero, talking to other PS3/xbox360 owners, or just plain having fun.

I'm convinced the people complaining about it have no idea how to do this. They are really living under the impression that HOME is some sort of mandatory thing that all PS3 owners need to do. I am probably one of the most critical people on the interweb when it comes to home, and I can even have fun in it.

Sony is busting their ass when it comes to HOME, it is a significant and major improvement over the private beta, but this is not without its casualties. Such as voice-chat that idiots and sexual predators abused, and is now gone until they can figure it out.

If the people who are using HOME are enjoying it, who are you to pretend they aren't having fun? Because you cant invite a stranger who has no interest in coming back to your room to watch your trophies? Please.

The beta thing is an excuse when you ask specific questions on the forums/blog, and they hide behind this instead of giving a solid explanation, but to ignore all of the work that has been put into home with its updated music/movies/home spaces is just wrong. You may not participate in it now, but its a work in progress. You are a fool if you think that they are ignoring all of these things on purpose just to upset you personally. They want to make as much money and milk all of us.

3783d ago
ape0073783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

ALL IM SAYING IS home's current state is "pointless"

home rewards idea is a killer,imagine you get kof or sf2 arcade in your house when get the platinum trophy

have bigger house when you gain,let's say lvl 7 trophies,have a trophy room,include all home features on the xmb"game launching

more companies support home,imagine having a gta crib with a niko bellic character standing there and you have a "gta home reward" a radio station inside your space

lot more spaces

IW home space,mw 2 rewards,guns,rifels and pistols you can have in your space,outfits,wallpapers,items ,captain price toy(LOL)

give avatars more life

also EA complex,kz2,lbp,resistance spaces

and sony need to match xbl in the xmb and with home growing bigger,xbm and home upgrades together may make ps3's online experience the best ever

you know home's potential is huge

Dragun6193783d ago

Well, Honestly, Home is free and the option is there on XMB if you want to use it. Like seriously, No ones forcing you to go on Home.

And Last time I checked Sony never pushed PS3 owners to go on Home but instead they have been updating it and improving it by providing innovations to what one can do in Home such game launching and Xi.

Its still incomplete as it is a Beta, but as soon as it is completed I'm pretty sure it will be everything that we expected it to be.
Features i hope Home will receive
-Private Chat
-Talk with headset
-Invite people to your home space and like watch a movie or listen to music streamed from your PS3
-More games and Home Spaces (well that's pretty definite as they stated their gonna bring 3 new home spaces every month now)
-more chess tables
-Trophy room
-Maybe trophies for Home?

3783d ago
Bnet3433783d ago

Playstation Home sucks. Pointless, nothing to do. I rather be playing games then waste my time in PS Home. Sony should be focusing more on important features that PSN needs to beat XBL.

3783d ago
3783d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3783d ago

Unfortunately, I don't see the point of home and if I missed it, Sony failed to advertise or tell me how I should enjoy Home!

However, I did enjoy the "art of quincy":

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Mr Blings3784d ago

jumped in home for the first time since november in hopes that it had gotten better and to find a reason to keep it sucking its close to 4 gb from my 40gb system. I didnt find that reason so Home is being deleted.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

'pushing HOME onto PS3 owners'?

It is a completely optional download. The article is written from this false premise and therefore negates any further argument imo.

SoapShoes3784d ago

Home does not suck, otherwise so many people would not be using it. Xi is a great thing they did and entertaining, it actually isn't a useless space like the lounge.

Blackcanary3784d ago

I agree with you Xi is great it gives you so much more to do.
Home is still in a beta and there working hard on it i'm on it every night and there's always people useing its fun and its a great way for me to just chill and chat to all my mates in the summer house and with the mics we play the music through there and it still sounds good.

So i can't wait to see EA space and all the other space's that are coming for it.

Rhezin3784d ago

after dancing, talking, bowling, maybe a couple rounds of echochrome, but still its pointless. Really hope they do better with updates and shi.

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