PSU: Wheelman Review

PSU writes: "Wheelman gets many things right, however. It has a brilliant PDA function that allows you to set way-points and pick and choose your mission types depending on your preference and, despite the fact that many vehicles feel similar to drive, it's a smooth, enjoyable and often exhilarating ride around the city that is bolstered by some excellent, if a little over-the-top, super moves. If you're expecting a GTA clone then you'll be sorely disappointed as Wheelman lacks the life, the depth, and the attention to detail of Rockstar's franchise, but it does entertain thanks to the variety of missions and its cinematic flourishes. Wheelman isn't going to be up for any awards come the end of the year, but we've been pleasantly surprised. Despite the blatant and disappointing omission of a multiplayer component, we've had a good time; it's worth a rental at the very least".

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