Resistance Voice Trailer

Here is a new trailer for Resistance: Fall of Man for the PAL Launch.

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techie5251d ago

I have to say I'm very impressed with the story of this. It definately seems as if it will hit home a lot more with European gamers. Can't wait to get enthralled.

the_bebop5251d ago

Finally we get to have a go at this game come Friday. Good trailer to.

ACE5251d ago

i playd it its ok got it on import , i still think gears or even call of duty 3 is better . ( this is my opinion as i have playd them all ).

overrated5251d ago

i would take your opinion seriously if you did not have your username as " was a sony fan" anyway this aint a fuking comparison place dude, we dont need the hardcore xbots coming on here preaching from the 360 bible. On topic i like this game cant wat to play it.

r10005251d ago

Call of Duty 3 better then resistance is a huge stretch man...

C'mon... call of duty a game that is the same thing from the previous two..

then you have resistance which "IS" set in WW 2 time.. but has a very interesting twist to it...

on story alone it's better then COD

Karebear5251d ago

EVERYTHING is significant in the game. Random bits of morse code you hear in the game ALL means something to the story. Random bits of paper, flyers on the wall, its all in the storyline. The depth behind this game is just astounding. Most of the story doesn't even really get explored in this episode of Resistance. I can't wait for Rise of Man. There are so many mysteries we need answers to :)