CNET Review: Nintendo DSI

CNET writes:

"The DSi is a great handheld gaming device. But if you don't care about Web access, you don't want to listen to AAC files, and the two-camera system has no appeal, you don't need it.
If you're happy with your DS Lite, I don't see any reason to buy a DSi. It's expensive ($169.99) by comparison and most of the compelling features it will offer--DSiWare and DSi-specific software--have yet to prove their worth. And if you still have a large stockpile of GBA games, don't even consider buying a DSi since it doesn't have a GBA slot.
But if you don't care about GBA games and you want to get back into the handheld gaming space with a Nintendo device, the DSi is the way to go. It will still let you play DS games, and its extras, like the two cameras and DSi Shop, give it compelling potential. Now, I just hope Nintendo can deliver on it."

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AAACE53790d ago

I like the new DSi. It has a more mature feel to it. The larger screens do make a difference. Everything about it is cool to me!

ThatCanadianGuy3790d ago

lol what the hell? Why is this on the front page??

I expected it to get approved and fade away into the backround.
Guess people really love their new DSI..

live2play3790d ago

i was skeptical but when i got my hands on it i was like oh yeah i made a good choice till now i have had fun for hours with the dsi alone no games well except maybe art style aquia