Tales of Vesperia PS3 Detailed, Screenshots (High-Res)

SCRAWL: "At a press conference today, Namco Bandai revealed details on the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia. It will contain a variety of updates, with the main addition being a new character. Patty Fleur is a 14-year old adventurer designed by Tales of Vesperia character designer Fujishima Kousuke and voiced by Chiwa Saito."

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Straight Life3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

360 best for rpgs eh? Well the PS3 has some of those rpgs, the definite superior version ones.

OmarJA3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Looks like the PlayStation brand is gaining the title of king of quality RPGs this Gen... (again).

- Ghost of Sparta -3784d ago

Been searching for these same screen shots in hi-res since earlier. Thank you.

You'd think Namco Bandai would have learned their lesson by now not to do timed exclusives but they didn't so just like Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia on PS3 will not sell as well as it could have when people still cared about the game. I'll be picking it up 'cause it's the definitive version of the only good JRPG on 360 but most people don't really like the idea of having to wait so long. Namco Bandai are wrong in thinking that people don't move on.

FarEastOrient3784d ago

I still remember last year when people were telling me that Tales of Vesperia was an exclusive even though it was labeled as multi-platform a long time ago.

3784d ago
GUNS N SWORDS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago ) nothing on lost odyssey, 10 times i've played it.

theEnemy3784d ago

You made it sound like the 360 version is a Beta Version.


Godmars2903784d ago

Please don't start that cr*p again.

Bad enough when 360 fanboys were using it.

Godmars2903784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Square is/will learn the same lesson with Last Remnant. Though in that case it'll probably mean that the PS3 version will never be released.

Who knows what it means for FFXIII.

Sarcasm3784d ago

lol it's a joke of course.

But Microsoft needs to stop putting "Only on Xbox360" on timed exclusives.

GUNS N SWORDS3784d ago

....disagrees on my first comment?

yeah fine what ever, we all know Tales of Vesperia is more mature than lost odyssey here's proof.

downloadable HD version of gameplay right here.

RememberThe3573784d ago

I'd much rather play Lost Odyssey then Tails of Vesperia

Godmars2903784d ago

Now ask yourself; which of those two openings were more inspiring. Moving.

Just saying, you're trying to put one above the other, but you're presenting a poor case.

And why isn't it good enough that you liked both or that both did generally well?

GUNS N SWORDS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

well, (Godmars290) i will say, one is made by "hironobu" and the other one isn't, one uses "Nobuo Uematsu" which gives it that classic musical touch that old ff's had......the other one employs soft rock and music that could cheer up a 10 year old, for some of it's gameplay and story segments.

and lastly one is $19.99 and the other is $59.99.

also the english dubbing in lost odyssey is WAY more pleasant to your ear, whereas in Tails of Vesperia you can't help to just laugh at it's dubbing (go, listen to it for your self)

Godmars2903784d ago

Just going by the examples you presented. Know that one looks depressing while the other doesn't. That in general market terms, no one cares who made it only that they're good.

And if you're going by LO's opening of an epic battle, the turn based gameplay that is the rest of the game is going to be a let down.

Again, just saying that you presented a poor case in defense of LO.

SaiyanFury3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

"The PlayStation 3 version will also feature voice-overs all throughout the game. In the Xbox 360 version, there were scenarios in the game where the player must read the text rather than hear it voiced-over. The PlayStation 3 is fully voiced."

Gotta love that Blu-ray.

Exquisik3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I would rate LO and ToV about the same, but I'd honestly prefer LO over ToV as well, mainly because of the story. But the gameplay in ToV is better than LO in my opinion, at least it's more exciting to me and not repetitive like LO (thanks goodness they spiced it up on the 4th disc).

But I must say, Valkyria Chronicle blew those two out of the water, even though it's an SRPG. I just love VC! The game is just too addicting and it's an underrated game!

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TheColbertinator3784d ago

"The PlayStation 3 version will also feature voice-overs all throughout the game. In the Xbox 360 version, there were scenarios in the game where the player must read the text rather than hear it voiced-over. The PlayStation 3 is fully voiced."

Wow.Looks like I might import this one.That new content looks good

Straight Life3784d ago

It will come to other contries besides Japan, save your money.

jams_shop3784d ago

Behold the power of Blu-ray

infamous_273784d ago

The only RPG I was jelous of!

Star Ocean-who?

jams_shop3784d ago

Star Ocean will come to the ps3

dericb113784d ago

If SE wants to make a little more money off Star Ocean they will. Be with the exclusive time on the 360 and the fact that the ratings are sub-par it will end up not selling as much as it could have.

pwnsause3784d ago

does star ocean have the "only on xbox" label? if not, then it will definitely come to PS3 soon.

SaiyanFury3784d ago

Star Ocean 4 will come to the PS3, just be patient. The Xbox 360 game case doesn't have "Only on Xbox 360" on it. 3 of my predictions for RPGs this gen that have appeared on the 360 first, have come true. Enchanted Arms came out eventually, even though the graphics were gimped on the PS3. Eternal Sonata came out on PS3 even when Namco-Bandai said "no PS3 version is planned". Tales of Vesperia is now coming, most likely with full Japanese dialogue included (gotta love that Blu-ray). I'm 3 for 3 in RPG predictions so far, and I doubt I'm wrong here. Also Square-Enix said the exact same phrase when asked about a PS3 version of SO4, "no PS3 version is planned". We saw what happened after that with Eternal Sonata. I can't wait for the PS3 version of SO4. As a longtime series fan, I'm sure my patience will be rewarded. Besides, S-E would be a house of morons to deny their home audience the SO4 treatment just because the PS3 has like 3 times the install base in Japan than it's most direct competition.

callahan093784d ago

What difference does the "Only On Xbox 360" label make? Tales of Vesperia and Ninja Gaiden 2 both had it, and now they're both coming to the PS3 this year.

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jackdoe3784d ago

Hoping that the U.S. version has JP voice overs. Number one thing that kept me from picking up the 360 version.

UltimateIdiot9113784d ago

I'm pretty sure it will otherwise they are definitely not taking advantage of what Bluray have to offer.

I might pick this game up depending on what will be coming out around that quarter.

Obama3784d ago

Same here if it has jp voiceover I will pick this up.

gambare3784d ago

"Patty Fleur is a 14-year old adventurer"

14yo..... then 24yo girls would look like jailbait to the eyes of that designer :/

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