SF IV pro tip: Don't celebrate until the match is over

Today's piece of hilarity comes from a video taken at fighting game tournament Final Round XII just last month.

The footage was of two fighters, Kensou (C. Viper) and Liston (Sagat), who were all tied up and on match three of three. Whoever came out on top would place in the top 16 out of hundreds of participants. Nothing too out of the ordinary, yet.

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Corepred43785d ago

what an idiot. he deserved to lose for that. don't get me wrong I love to taunt my opponent and make them angrier/easier, but i at least make sure i finish! lol... they both thought they won.... guile ftw..

theEnemy3785d ago

Check out the face of those 3 idiots that jumped too early.

They got wtfpwntcoma

JoySticksFTW3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

The strong ones stay silent and finish the damn match first...


And don't drop your muthaf**kin' phone! :)

KKanjiAnkh3785d ago

More like don't drop the controller LOL, funny though, but sad too.

DNAgent3785d ago

Wow, an admin approved this? No wonder we get so much garbage like hiphopgamershow posted on here. I guess anyone can post blog news here. Why is there even an approval section anymore? Just approve every single thing there is automatically cause most of the garbage on this site isn't even news.

This place is like wikipedia.

Shadow Man3785d ago

but you have to admit that video was awesome.

thebudgetgamer3785d ago

then do this dance
but it never seems to work and my record is 0-96


lloyd_wonder3785d ago

Fail. Probably was playing on 360 controllers

Corepred43785d ago

sf iv game with xbox controllers is a damn shame...

dericb113785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

If you look towards the early part at (0:55) of the video you can see a PS3 to the left of the T.V

Sk8boyP3785d ago

True fighter fans know the superior console.

Kushan3785d ago

Wow! blatant trolling right there, RIGHT THERE!

This article had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the PS3 or the 360, it was about a funny thing that happened at a tournament. Would have happened no matter what console it was being played on.

FYI, it was a PS3 that you can clearly see in the video, so using your logic, whatever it is you're trying to say about 360 owners actually applies to PS3 owners. How about that?

Seriously, just stop with this nonsense.

felidae3785d ago

don't talk sh1t. it plays really good with the 360 analog sticks.

i would never play a game with the d-pad.

Clubptxxx3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

How do you change weapons in Gears of War?

Anyway, anyone else notice that the dude who jumped up early kind of...Disappeared? He seriously High-tailed it. I don't blame him though, If I got embarrassed that bad I'd make a quick escape too.

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The story is too old to be commented.