Confirmed: NiGHTS going to Nintendo Wii

SPOnG can confirm that recent speculation of NiGHTS remake holds truth today, as fresh details emerge of a game that has reached epic proportions before a single jot of official information is revealed.

Speaking to representatives close to the project, SPOnG were told in no uncertain terms that a new NiGHTS game is about to be uncovered. NiGHTS will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Wii platform.

"Yes, there is a new NiGHTS coming, and coming quite soon actually," we were told today by a representative close to the project who agreed to speak with us under terms of strict anonymity. "It's a full game too, not a rehash of old NiGHTS for Virtual Console as some have said it might be lately. It's a whole new game."

Of course, rumours of a NiGHTS Into Dreams remake have existed since the original game, and it's follow-up spin-off Christmas NiGHTS, delighted Saturn owners back in 1996. A Dreamcast version was thought to be in the works up to the point the system was pulled, and chatter of a rebirth on a new home console has never ceased to engage the Sega fanbase.

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ChickeyCantor4320d ago

"that this won’t be a port of Sega Saturn’s 1996 title for the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console"

=) -> =D -> T_T -> XD


jpod4320d ago

Not a port. Which will be good. Let's hope they do well with it, I'm getting anxious for this. Hehe.

Fuzz McDeath4320d ago

I'm a fan too, but such games more frequently than not disappoint. Much like the Star Wars prequel trilogy failed to capture the spirit of the original trilogy. Games like this cannot often recreate the magic of the first. The reason is, your perspective, your perception of the experience shapes it. You are not who you were when you played the first one, you are much older. You made the experience of the first one special. And, despite the game nailing the essence of the first, or even reinvigorating it with a marvelous use of the Wii control scheme, it will likely NOT be all you remember.

There, now that I've rained on everyone's parade. I do hope it will be special and great. I was a fan of the first.

jpod4319d ago

You can't help but be excited for a game that you always wanted to be back. We all hope it will be good and that we won't get disappointed. I guess we can all hope for impending doom that the game will suck too but there would be no point. *goes back to being excited*