Assassin's Creed 2 in Venice with Leonardo da Vinci

The game is obviously set in Leonardo Da Vinci's period (1452 - 1519) in Venice Italy. A fitting theme and location given the fact that Leonardo was excommunicated for his work on the human body and his various art works. During which a great deal of his work and plans were destroyed or hidden away to stop the church from destroying them.

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XboxOZ3603791d ago

You can see the correlation of his drawings and the Assassin's left arm and how it has been designed into the muscle reactions.

Even the elbow joint has been altered to allow easier movement beyond what would be normal.

SOme of the writings are also very suggestive as to what else could be involved in the game . .

Da Vinci was excommunicated from the church for his work on the human body. He would get bodies from the morgue or from gravediggers to dissect and inspect late at night. The Church found out about this and charged him with blasphemy and violation of church law. Which saw him having to leave the city and a huge percentage of his work and drawing (technical and art) were destroyed.

gaminoz3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I love how Assassin's Creed is revisiting and recreating historical periods full of conflict and mystery. I didn't like the repetitive nature of the missions in AC1 but I loved the look and style of the game and the sheer explorations and vertical/horizontal choices in exploration of the first.

Hardcore gamers who whinged about it being too easy can go jump. It needs more gameplay variety but it was a really amazing achievement in gaming imo.

gambare3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

any info if this game will be played actually in the old era or it will be another genetic memory story? that kinda ruined the ancient recreation idea, not totally bad but....

Superfragilistic3791d ago

I'd say its linked in with the modern day and maybe the corporation is exploiting or co-operating with DaVinci to get/use his technology in the past/future. Now all they need is a conspiracy linking the Templars and Illuminati and Altair and the whole thing will be complete!

That's my theory. But I'd love to hear others?

gaminoz3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

@ Super:

The Illuminati were in Angels and Demons....the Da Vinci Code had the Cathars, the Priory of Scion, and the Opus Dei....

Still point taken...conspiracy and secret societies is where we're at!

alster233791d ago

yeah it's pretty cool to see davincis sketches in the trailer it kinda explained how the assassins
Could activate the blade without a button. It turned out to be a simple flick of the wrist. Neat davinci really was a man ahead of his time

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Immortal Kaim3791d ago

What a fascinating time period, I thought the first game was amazing, can't wait for this.

Hunter863791d ago

Can't wait this is going to be amazing.

Eliminat3r3791d ago

Another Great article ,cheers guys i enjoy your work.

Superfragilistic3791d ago

I can see it now Ubi struck a deal with Dan Brown... Prepare for the apocalypse! lol

gaminoz3791d ago

Lol. Let's hope it isn't as boring as Da Vinci Code was. Angels and Demons was a WAYYYYYYY better book.

Superfragilistic3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I can see it now Ubisoft presents "Dan Brown's: Rainbow Hex", followed by "Dan Brown's: Splinter Hell" and "Dan Brown's: Holy War", followed by... ?

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