In Defense Of The QTE: Ninja Blade

61FPS writes:

"Now that the man's winding down his career, let us honor Yu Suzuki for his most important contribution to game design: the QTE. Hey now. I can hear you rolling your eyes. We might be sick of pressing the X button every single time Crystal Dynamics wants Lara Croft to kick a tiger with style, but the quick time event provides us with some of videogames' most satisfying thrills. They aren't inherently bad. They're just implemented very, very poorly. This week, you'll be able to walk out into the world and pick up a copy of From Software's Ninja Blade. Hell, you can go home right now and download a demo of Ninja Blade just to have a taste. One level is all you need to exemplify just how good quick time events can be in a game.

Here's why."

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