Killzone 2 Shuts Resident Evil 5 Producer Down

Jun Takeuchi, the producer of Resident Evil 5, recently made a statement regarding the Sixaxis in the PS3 controller. With all due respect to Mr. Takeuchi, he has been proven incorrect by the developers at Guerilla Games.

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Zeus Lee3788d ago

Wow,a game is now a living thing!1???!?


Face Palm3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Sixaxis is great when implemented correctly. It was overused in Lair but in games like Resistance (tilt to view MP map, shake of chimera and extinguish fire) and KZ2 (turning knobs and keeping the sniper steady) it's great!

I remember when GG developer was asked if KZ2 would use the sixaxis he said: "Yes, but we have to use it in a way that makes sense."

As long as developers don't overuse it and don't use it in weird places, it's a welcomed feature.

actas1233788d ago


MazzingerZ3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

@Face Palm
Agree, but I must say that what Liar only needed from that patch was actually the d-pad controls for 180 degrees (down) turns and dashing-forward (up)

When the patch came I was in the middle of the SP and I didn't use the analog controls to fly as they felt weird on the other hand I noticed that the experience was improved by those 2 moves now also avaiable via de D-pad.

Sixaxis works fine in Liar with the d-pad for complex moves...the problem was that Liar came to early and people was trying to use the sixaxis like the Wii-mote (shaking it into the air or playing laying on the couch) without even bothering reading the manual when they show you the basic position the controller should always have when playing

kwicksandz3788d ago

I would go so far to say that the majority of the internet gaming press agree, the sixaxis is sub par for FPS games. Obviously GG has a vested interest in saying otherwise though.

edgeofblade3788d ago

It should be a cert requirement that tilt control can be turned off in every game. I don't like Sixaxis and I'm not the only one who thinks that way. But I don't want to deprive others of the fun if they like it.

Disagree with me if you think sixaxis should be removed from every game.

MmaFanQc3788d ago

go run outside fat ass!!!

IcarusOne3788d ago

Overall, I find the sixaxis unnecessary, with the exception of Flower and Flow and a small handful of other games. That Game Company seems to have made it their mission to show other devs the proper way to use the sixaxis and I applaud them for it. And MGS4 - I loved disengaging my camo in the middle of a cutscene with a simple shake of the controller. Very cool. Also loved it in Heavenly Sword. Twing-twang - despite sounding like something two naughty lesbians would do - was a lot of fun.

But in regards to KZ, I hated having to rotate the controller to open cranks - just felt tacked on. I guess the sniping was okay; at least it didn't detract from my experience - whatever that experience was. I'm still not sure.

But if you're saying that KZ, a game with very minimal use of the sixaxis, is the pinnacle example of the feature, then what does that say about how necessary or useful the feature is?


so funny teh Capcom nooberz.

next they are gonna claim that in order 4 all console games 2 look good, They require a partial install on teh hdd.

LOL. uncharted and killzone2 blow re5 out of the water.

SONY: CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE US A EXCLUSIVE "HORROR/THRILLER"? Show these noobz what the hardware can do

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PoSTedUP3788d ago

i remember when he said that too XD. he probably didn't take his time with the sixaxis, GG had years to fiddle with it.

but.. i dont see how its wasn't possible in his eyes because if you look at other games that implement sixaxis, it seems pretty sensitive.

Nick2120043788d ago

I definitely agree, sometimes it seems like it is too sensitive.

UltimateIdiot9113788d ago

Yea, but hey that's what sensitive options are for. Some developers just forgets to add it in.

3788d ago
Etseix3788d ago

SIXAXIS are sensitive enought, just add the option, and put a *sensitive bar* where u can select how sensitive u want the SIXAXIS to work and it will really work, like Warhawk ;)

PoSTedUP3788d ago

and like motorstorm and alot of games. it has the potential to be used for almost anything.

LeonSKennedy4Life3788d ago


RE5 is an incredible game. You should play it.

likedamaster3788d ago

I'm with Leon(still a douche bag). I played it over friends house and now getting it for 360. A great game all around.

tehReaper3788d ago

KZ2 is a good game, but best shooter of all time is pushing it. There are plenty of great shooters that scored higher on average. Get over it and just enjoy playing it.

And yes, Leon is right. RE5 is an amazing game as well. In fact, I've really never had as much ambition to replay a game as I did with RE5. All the unlockables and extra content make it a worthy game. Heck, The Mercs is a game all by itself.

PoSTedUP3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

and i respect that.

but i loved RE5. and i agree, i think KZ2 is the best fps to date, its 100% my style of shooting, the cover system the intence action and explosions every where with all the debris. F*** ranking and scores, they dont mean s*** to me. >: /

tehReaper3787d ago

Well his opinion means nothing when he's sitting there bashing RE5.

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dylantalon3788d ago

i love using the sixaxis controls in lair on ps3 . the controls in that game are excellent and better imo than using the anolog stcks.

ps. the talon stands for talented

PoSTedUP3788d ago

yea i agree, i love using the sixaxis for almost anything. some people dont like it. i personally love it, HS uses it in the most EPIC way IMO.

but some people will just never get the hang of it, hence they hate it. and people like me and you know how to use it the first time u pick up the controller.

SlyGuy3788d ago

Agreed fully.

I will never forget shooting arrows in heavenly sword with the sixaxis!

Perhaps my BEST EXPERIENCE with it ever! Now where is Heavenly Sword 2!!!

Nineball21123788d ago

I think that Flower really uses it well too. It's not like it's a complicated game or anything, but it works and it feels natural.

ChozenWoan3788d ago

more people would not had such a hard time using the six axis controls. The flight mechanics are very similar with Lair being just a little more advanced. And since Flower does not have a fast paced and hectic storyline, players can relax and get used to or even enjoy the wonders of six axis control.

The problem with Lair was that it didn't have a deep tutorial section to really get players used to six axis. After just a 2 min flight, your expected to fly into combat where the enemy is coming at you by land, air, and sea. Under such circumstances, it's easy for players to get overwhelmed.

I just got Lair this past week and I must admit that I wish I hadn't waited so long. The game looks great, plays great, and creates a world that I'd like to spend a lot more time in. Lair needs a sequel to really do the IP justice.

I'd also like to see more games using it six axis... ohh that reminds me, super rub a dub is fun too (just can't get that music out of my head).

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