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Mehar Gill writes "Midway's latest puts you in the shoes of American agent Milo Burik (played by Vin Diesel) in Barcelona, Spain at the beginning of a local gang war. Your objective is to infiltrate the 3 major gangs and learn as much as possible about the whereabouts of a "package" which you later learn has the potential to kill thousands. Caught within a web of deceit, corruption, and greed, Milo must build contacts with as many people as he can while successfully keeping his cover. As good as the plot may sound on paper, don't expect an engaging storyline. Wheelman sets out to be a Hollywood-esque thriller and the story follows as expected with clichés and twists any gamer can guess long before they happen. That said, what the story offers will please those looking for mindless action sprinkled with humor. Although Wheelman's story won't be garnering any critical acclaim, I did enjoy the narrative as a whole."

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TruthBTold3790d ago

I actually enjoyed the demo, not the best graphics but the game play is simple and quite fun. Not sure if I would be paying full price for it now since I just recently purchased KZ2, LBP and SF4 so not looking to spend any money now on games until Infamous but the demo was good, it passed my expectations.