DSi: The "i" Apparently Doesn't Stand For "Independent"

Carter says, "However, with the DSiWare service being announced, it seems as if an opportunity would be open for Bob's Game to be released on a Nintendo system as it was originally intended, and to provide a doorway for other independent developers to create games for Nintendo's handheld money printer. Well, not so fast bub, as to release titles for DSiWare, you need to be a Nintendo licensed developer, the requirements for which many small and independent developers may not satisfy. Given the burgeoning DS home brew community and the innovative things that can be done with a system that has both touch screens and buttons, it's no wonder that Bob Pelloni went crazy over being rejected."

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roblef3787d ago

It really drives me nuts that these companies don't encourage software developers of the independent stripe. you'd think they'd have learned from Apple's example. Apparently not. :( I won't be getting a DSi any time soon.

CrAppleton3787d ago

Yeah.. I'm right there with you bro.. don't plan on getting a DSi any time soon

Neco5123787d ago

Agreed! Until they show me that the DS is inferior, I'll stick with the OG DS

gumgum993787d ago

I have played Bob's game.

CrAppleton3787d ago

seriously.. is anyone getting a DSi on launch?

Neco5123787d ago

No! Give me a reason~!

DNAgent3787d ago

Because it already launched.

SpoonyRedMage3787d ago

I got one on launch and it's awesome.

jkashuba073787d ago

They wanted it to be the "iDS" but Apple said no!, so they went with "DSi" lol

PS3Freak3787d ago

It's just a DS lite with stupid tacked on gimmicks and a slightly larger screen.... GREAT!

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The story is too old to be commented.