OXM: Terminator Salvation Preview

John Connor. Who is he? In the original Terminator (1984), he was the messiah we never saw - the unborn son of a time traveler and a waitress. In the next two films, he was a boy in his teens and twenties, rebelling against his terrifying destiny as the savior of humanity.

It's weird to see a franchise in two places at once; it's happened with Superman and Smallville, and now another blockbuster brand is doing it. Even as TV's The Sarah Connor Chronicles depicts an angry John struggling through his high-school years, the upcoming Terminator Salvation will show theatergoers the hero OXM has always known he'd become - the thirtysomething badass who rises to leadership in the war against the machines. It's the huge, futuristic battles they've been waiting for, with actor extraordinaire Christian Bale playing John. Can OXM get a videogame already?

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