IGN: Nintendo DSi Review

All things considered, IGN found the DSi to be an overall worthwhile update to the DS Lite. Although they do miss backwards compatibility via the GBA slot, it is a reasonable tradeoff for access to the DSi Shop and SD card support. Ultimately, it'll come down to how much each individual user values those features, but all-in-all they think the DSi is worthy of the $169.99 down.

Performance - 7.5
Build Quality - 8.0
Features - 7.8
Value - 8.1
Overall -

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gaffyh3788d ago

All hype imo, a few millimetres of extra screen and two 7 year old 1.3 megapixel cameras are not worth the upgrade. My DS Lite is fine, I'll stick with it.

SpoonyRedMage3788d ago

DS: DSi::PSP:PSP-3000

...and I know which one I'd rather have. The one that's actually an improvement.

sonarus3787d ago

Hahaha scored below 8 confrimed flop. Hey is this score on metacritic

Pennywise3787d ago

Yeah spoony you sure know what you are talking about! Who needs a handheld gaming device that plays movies, all old retro games, goes online, plays music, remote plays to the ps3, and has a bunch of other cool features.

Give me a touch screen and a camera over that anyday! /s

SpoonyRedMage3787d ago

Haaa, the DSi can play music and go online and play retro games.

But that's not my point, Nintendo is getting criticised for the DSi but I've not heard a word against Sony for the PSP-3000 and the DSi is a bigger improvement than the PSP-3000, admittedly for a higher price.

barom3787d ago

Well Spoony. The biggest difference is that DSi costs 50$ more than the DS Lite. So they actually upped the price. The PSP has at the very least always stayed the same.

Also I'm sure there were a bunch of people complaining about the PSP. You not seeing them is quite a feat in my opinion. My brother alone was all "it's not a useless upgrade" or something along those lines and "they're coming out with too many upgrades lately" and "what I like about consoles and handhelds is that they are predictable" (read: not changing in the near future).

The way I see it is that upgrades are fine if they're free. I will probably sound biased but I don't think I am in this case. Cause the way I see it. When you purchase a PSP you know what you're gonna get and so you'll be satisfied with that purchase at the time. If they come out with a new model, it doesn't truly affect that existing consumer but will give more to the new consumer. Thats how I see it at least. With the DSi, the new consumer might get punished with a higher price if they phase out the old DS Lite which is a sneaky way of raising the price. Which is actually almost what they did with the Wii.

SpoonyRedMage3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Excellent point but I've only seen a few complaints about PSP updates, definately not to the level of the complaints against the DSi.

I also see the DSi more like a higher end model of the DS, they even said the DS Lite will continue to be on sale. It's kind of like the Elite 360 and the Pro 360. EDIT: Probably not a very good comparison, perhaps a car analogy would be better? I'm not too familiar with cars though.

I also think the price increase is justified, although the actual price may be a bit too high. I was happy to pay £150 for what I was getting. The actual degree of improvement between the DSL and DSi is also a lot more than the PSP with only a few draw backs.

barom3787d ago

I guess it all depends on how you look at it. I can see where you're coming from though but I personally 'at this stage' don't find it a compelling upgrade. I mean there are no games that takes advantage of the cameras as far as I know and I'm guessing the DSi shop is fairly small at this stage. I must admit I haven't really gotten into what the upgrades are but I'm guessing those two are the biggest (DSi shop and camera). I also don't know what games the DSi shop carries either.

Anyway, down the line I can see it become more appealing though but (to me) it's a bit too early to pay 40$ extra (it actually was 40$ extra, not 50$ which is what I said in my last post).

SpoonyRedMage3787d ago

Warioware: Snapped takes advantage of the camera, it's a bit eyetoyish but you need good lighting and a decent skin complexion to get working every time.

Good idea though, wait a while if you aren't sure. The shop is small for now with only 6 things in Europe(it differs from place to place) although Japan has a decent sized list.

The camera, SD-HC slot and DSiware are the main things as well as the AAC player(really handy for me) but there's a ton of small upgrades such as bigger, brighter and clearer screens as well as a slightly longer stylus for ease of use.

There has been rumours of GB/GBA games being available and another rumour that Sega is interested in releasing Gamegear games if that really happens I'd say it's worth anyone getting.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3787d ago

...and I know which one I'd rather have. The one that's actually an improvement. "

You mean the one that actually leaves all of the install base out in the cold and forces it to buy a $170 minor upgrade? Just like Wii to Gamecube.

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onijutsu3788d ago

hmm still not good enough to make me upgrade from my game boy colour, pokemon yellow is still pretty epic to me, i mean i haven't even found mew yet, saving my master ball for it...

if it could play mp3s and videos the score would probably be higher, i mean how expensive its to add some media functionality?

my freinds have ds's they are pretty bored with it and they don't even pay for the games...
and this article has given me more reasons not to.
so i see no reason why i should go out and buy one...

pacowles3788d ago

I read somewhere that you can play mp3s on the DSi via the SD card. I'd be willing to bet it doesn't sound that great on such tiny speakers, however. If you want a DS to be a media player, just get an R4 card and you can watch movies, play music, and play homebrew/backups.

SpoonyRedMage3788d ago

It has a fully integrated AAC player(so you'll need itunes to convert). It's not as powerful as an ipodbut it's a pretty good music player and the visualisers are awesome(excitebike FTW)

Blaze9293787d ago



Somewhat off topic, BRING BACK GOLDEN SUN!

AriesFury3788d ago

And within the next couple of years there will be another DS. Either make a completely new one or stop making the same one and adding a couple of new features that could been added before.

onijutsu3788d ago

i was going to say that they would put a motion sensor into it but that would be pretty hard to waggle and look at the screen at the same time...

XxSolid SnakexX3788d ago

the cameras are actually two 0.3 megapixels XD

gaffyh3787d ago

Lol that's even worse. Has a camera phone even had less than 1 megapixel?

SpoonyRedMage3787d ago

It's not that bad when you actually get a round to taking photos, it could be a lot better but it's just for messing about. The editors the best bit about it though. It works okay with Warioware: Snapped too, although there is some problems.

BWS19823787d ago

I have a DS Lite, and no _ZERO POINT THREE_ camera, that is about 15% of the resolution on my cell phone, is excusable. Take out the grand library of the GB Advance, and you have yourself a forgettable handheld update Nintendo, sorry. If you don't have a PSP or a DS, and the pictures and internet connection are golden for you, and you have no other MP3 player, this is for you. But at that point, you are in a very strictured audience for a shopper.

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XxSolid SnakexX3788d ago

I obviously know that buddy i was actually pointing out that they were lower than he stated.

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