N3 requires a hard disk, if you're in Canada

According to Canadian edition of Ninety Nine Nights requires a HDD but apparently that's not the case for the American and British version. The game hasn't been released in those countries yet (August 15th according to EBGames) but it's out in Japan and Babelfish tells us that the Japanese version doesn't have the HDD requirement. All in all the majority of localizations state that N3 is only 'Hard Drive Enhanced' and it's probably the Canadian one that got it wrong… More oddities after the jump.

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achira5465d ago

xbox fans are fycke again ( at least who bought the cheap version ).

FamoAmo5465d ago

Nice comment!! lol... kinda like you right, waiting for the 600$ slow loader!! You are going to have to wait as long as your waiting for the console just to load the next level on the ps3!! Your "fycke"

Droidbro5465d ago

your $600 dollar piece of sh1t is only going to play half of hidef movies. toshiba and samsung made an agreement for a hybrid player. yet more bad news for the sony bandwagoneers.

ChaosKnight5465d ago

Unless the American version needs the HDD, Canadians dont need it, cuz we Canadians get the nearly exact same game... just with a french manual. But i hope its not only for Canada, cuz I was gonna go down to the states and buy it (with gift card)

Marriot VP5465d ago

exactly, this is silly. It's some sort of error. N3 doesn't look good at all to me by the way.