TGR News Roundup: Cryptic Assassin's Creed 2 Info Revealed

Among other news items, a new teaser site for AC 2 has gone live.

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SirLarr4251d ago

I am so looking forward to AC2, even if the teaser site doesn't give much to work with.

shoinan4251d ago

Didn't really enjoy the first game but the potential of the second is pretty big, so looking forward to it.

SlamVanderhuge4251d ago

Damn Brits...always trying to destroy what I love(or in AC's case liked quite a bit but not completely but the point still counts)!!!!!!

XLiveGamer4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

reads : Game Informer 09/16/09 or something like that.

Click on Symbol (Logo)

Wow i still have the Saved Game on my HDD but when i finished i trade the game 2 weeks later its a freaking awesome game.

cain1414250d ago

Just no teasers for teasers please...

In other news, we will have news about the news about our game in two months...