Why do some players act like complete jerks online?

Why do some players act like complete jerks online? Gamepro spoke with a prominent psychiatrist to learn new insight into the mindset of online griefers.

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sumfood4u4767d ago

Yeah some players act like jerks, but the same happens in real life. As for online players, they despise Noobs, yet everyone who every starts out on MMO is a noob period. It's kinda like contradicting them selves. Also some people who play online games, don't really feel important in the real world, so in reality they might not feel like people look up to them. But in online they are very popular, an have there online Legacy appreciated. What I'm getting at is most online games are meant for communication and teamwork, an some people play them but hate Noobs, or other players opinions. Before people start saying something bout what I wrote, " I did quote the words some people." Not all people.

Rasputin20114767d ago

I was having that convo with my bro just yesterday. It makes no sense how sooo many online gamers hate noobies but were they not noobies when they first started off? Like I get hated on all the time playing Gears because im a "noob" and when I take the chainsaw to some sucka then they boot me from the game...make sense?

r10004767d ago

It's because most online players... are geek teenagers (or older) who have no social life or social skills, they rather stay home play video games... instead of going out playing some, basketball, go to the mall, hang with friends, etc....

they become good at their games and that where they feel important.

I love video games... but I won't take playing video games over doing many other things... Summertime, I barely turn the consoles on

this is not that case for everyone obviously...

PS360WII4767d ago

Anyone can talk big when they have no fear of the person beating the chit out of them. You can act like the biggest a hole around log off and no worries. In the real world you do that and you get a fist in the face....

smeg0rz4767d ago

XBOX 360 players act like true jerks online! Because the xbox is marketed at early teens, and its bigger in america than in europe!

Ps3 - Mature audience :P solved.