IGN: Grudge Match: Resident Evil 5 vs. Gears 2

IGN's Ryan Geddes and Nate Ahearn asked these questions and more to determine whether Resident Evil 5 or Gears of War 2 stands up as a better action game. Features were debated, spoilers were narrowly avoided, and things were said that can never be taken back.

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panasonic233788d ago

Gears of wars 2 flawless victory.

panasonic233788d ago

say the ps3fanboy gtfo here you i love D!ck N my Ass agent.

Obama3788d ago

"i love D!ck N my Ass"

whatever float your boat...

DNAgent3788d ago

You love my "D!ck" in your ass?

I guess I can understand that seeing as how you're always riding Microsoft.

Microsoft Xbox 3603788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

panasonic23 speaks for the entire 360 fanboys when he says that. LOL.

swiftshot933788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

admittedly, I am a huge RE fan.

Oh, and RE5 online works :D

WildArmed3788d ago

But i loved GeOW2 and i loved RE5.

Even though i did get pissed once in awhile when i played RE5.
I'd say GeOW2 wins this hands down. RE5 is a horror survival.. wtf are they doing comparing them?

Gears is more popular since its action/TPS.. while RE5 aims for a different crowd.

Despite online issue, i go with Gears xD

badz1493788d ago

sorry dude, but RE5 is an action shooting game a.k.a. a TPS like Gears. It's no longer a horror game's simply not! so, this comparison is valid. I can't say which one is better though because I don't play both because I don't have a 360 for Gears2 and I hate Capcom's practice with the scam DLC for RE5! I'll leave that to those who do

ChampIDC3788d ago

I haven't had many issues, bar a few glitches, in online co-op on Gears 2, but the competitive multiplayer is definitely a mess. I don't think I could choose a favorite if talking about co-op.

Bnet3433788d ago

Not even comparable. Dead Space vs RE5 is a better comparison.

ThanatosDMC3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Apparently someone hasnt played RE5 to say it's a horror survival game... RE5 better story, better co-op, better visuals, but lame ass "chest high walls" cover system.

Gears has better action.

Both have poor selection of guns. You can basically rely on two guns for the whole game.

I agree that Dead Space vs RE5 would be better. I can imagine Dead Space with co-op while retaining its scary atmosphere.

WildArmed3787d ago

Reason why i call RE5 'survival' horror is the tank shooting system.
The survival word is the key, and horror.. coz duh RE=horror.

@DMC don't jump to conclusions. its a bad habit, aint gonna help in life m8. Played RE5 quite a few times.

Still GeOW2 wins hands down.. tank system makes RE5 look like .. nothing... as the action is always more intense in gears.

(Fact: This is my opinion.. don't get all fanboy on me for my opinions)

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Obama3788d ago

Is it a match between which protagonist is more homo? If that's the case Gears 2 definitely wins.

thebudgetgamer3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

so theres alot of homoerotic behavior in gears?
so no?

edit: are you insinuating that marcus is a prison rapist?

Obama3788d ago

Just look at Marcus Fenix's face. He will rape you in prison if you ever drop the soap and yes he was in prison.

DelbertGrady3788d ago

It gets no gayer than an old man with homo-moustache wearing a g-string. Snake is as gay as it gets. And then there is LittleBigPedo. And Uncharted. Drake = Ryan Seacrest in wet jeans.

They were all designed with the homoerotic PS3 install base in mind.

Etseix3788d ago

little big pedo?
...u just get an EPIC FAIL.

hell if u think LBP is pedo, then what the hell is Viva Piñata?!?! and Banjo Kazooie?!?!??! why Banjo has Kazooie in a backpack? ro rape it anytime he wants??, and on Viva Piñata, yea, crush one of those and u wont get candys, ull get a big dild* right?


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panasonic233788d ago

look at solid snake face you can tell he belong on how to catch a child predator.

Obama3788d ago

you can be the bait since apparently you "i love D!ck N my Ass" so much

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The story is too old to be commented.