Previews: Jericho

Jericho's hero -- Captain Ross (a.k.a. you) -- gets into a bit of trouble early on and actually has to sacrifice himself in a noble way. But due to various circumstances that you will presumably learn about as you proceed, he doesn't just die like a normal man would. Instead, he becomes a spirit that can jump between members of his (former) squad and take over each of them.

That's the setup for this horror-filled squad-based first-person shooter from Codemasters (publisher), Mercury Steam (developer), Alchemic Productions (facilitator), and Clive Barker (storyteller).

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Legionaire20054767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

I hope this game will support multiplayer. I think that they should find a way to put a cooperative mode by making players play as multiple Jerichos, switching bodies to manipulate. Clive Barker if your reading this I just wanted you to know that this could be a great idea multiple Jerichos for cooperative mode. Fans will love it. Fact: Sometimes a fan's idea could make a game great.

Antan4766d ago

The characters are not called jerichos, Jericho is the place the carnage takes place in.

Antan4763d ago

Sorry, the team you control are called "Jericho team", and the place is Al-Khali, my bad.