TrueGameHeadz: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Review: A Return to Form

TGH writes: "The original "Tenchu," way back in 1998, was an influential step towards what the stealth genre has become today. While it may not have been as innovative as other titles, like "Metal Gear Solid," it created an engrossing stealth experience on par with that of franchises with much larger budgets. Sadly, after the original, the franchise fell into the hands of different developers, and over time have strayed further away from what the core "Tenchu" experience was all about. "Tenchu: Shadow Assassins" does away with that trend and finally falls back into the hands of original developers Acquire, and the result is a thrilling journey through the "Tenchu" universe that brings back memories of the series roots."

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bitboi3792d ago

it's good to see from software going back to what made this series good! next up is a refresh of thier Armored Core franchise!