BITMAPS 72: If You Disliked Resident Evil 5, Get Some Friends

Gamers are all too quick to dismiss Resident Evil 5 merely because it is different. TGR columnist Lawrence Sonntag explains why this difference isn't only a good thing, but necessary to adapt to co-operative game play.

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cain1413786d ago

I liked the changes to Re5 as a whole, just as I liked the changed to Prince of Persia. So I agree with the author

Viewtiful3786d ago

Are you referring to the change to a 3D platformer or the change to a foul-mouthed jerk?

Deviant3786d ago

the new Prince of Persia disappointed me pretty much ....too easy too boring :(

ZuperAmazingCooKie3786d ago

Get Resident Evil 4 (for Wii)

mr durand pierre3786d ago

My issue with the game is that it's inaccessible to the newcomer. I had 2 different friends come over and try playing the game with me, both who hadn't played RE4, and both gave up after 20 minutes due to frustration. The inventory management is especially tricky for a newcomer to wrap their head around (like combining herbs for example).

redfield853786d ago

Now we are going to talk trash on other things that have been in the game for forever? Well, I don't understand the mana system in Final Fantasy VII. That game is a failure.

Maybe your friends just aren't good at games (or ones that make you think quickly). There are plenty of friendly message boards out there for you to play co-op online. Go to or and jump in the Resident Evil 5 threads. Not hard.

And Resident Evil 5 is basically Resident Evil 4 for the 360 and PS3. I don't understand all the pissing and moaning going on about it. I can complain about a million other games for dumb reasons.

Mozilla893786d ago

I rented this game and played through the whole campaign with a friend and I had a blast. My friend never played any Resident Evil game before including 4 and he had no problem playing this one.

cain1413786d ago

I also played this with multiple people who had never played RE before, and it took maybe 30 mins or so, but they all eventually got pretty good at it...

A HiFi3786d ago

I'm commenting on this as there is a 30-sec ad for the game on the TV, hehe. I've only played the demo. I did enjoy it though and will be picking it up when it goes down in price.

Straight Life3786d ago

You shouldnt have to get friends to like a game, what BS is this?

DK_Switch3786d ago

I dismiss it for sacrificing game design fundamentals in favor of "new experiences."

The game should be a technological progression, not a technological compromise.

Nike3786d ago

Mind telling us what those fundamentals are exactly?

And the developers have already stated it before: RE5 will use the same system and mechanics as RE4. Gamers have gone through it enough though and now they'll need to do something new with the next RE. So even they admit it isn't much of an evolution aside from the co-op play. Still don't see what is compromised.

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