Is Devil May Cry 360 the Future of Third Party?

To anyone following Capcom (or the industry), last night's revelation that Devil May Cry 4 is no longer a PlayStation 3 exclusive came with little shock. And yet, the announcement's spawned message board threads spanning dozens and dozens of pages -- half filled with celebratory remarks, the other damning Sony for losing the game. Others went so far as to accuse Capcom of dumbing the game down in the endless pursuit of money.

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Creepa at GameManx4763d ago

MS bribed Capcom to bring the Game to their system...I saw this trend last gen...but no one believed me

ASSASSYN 36o4763d ago

I believe you! Cause I helped them with strong arm tactics and threats of late night teabagging.

kmis874762d ago

No, not Bert! I've said it for years, Bert is evil, but no one believed me!

PS360WII4763d ago

Remember how Viewtiful Joe and Res 4 where in the contract by Capcom for the 4 titles (PN03 and Killer 7 were the other two) that were to be Gamecube Only? Yeah that didn't happen so why is it a shocker that they did it to Sony as well?

bigmack4763d ago

they dont care about their fans. only the money.

BIadestarX4763d ago

Breaking news!
Capcom is in the game industry to make money so their loyalty is for their stock holders first then the fans.
Besides Capcom has fans all across platforms. So, to be fair now they will be able to reach more of those fans by making their games multiplatform. The fans are not hurt by this since the game will also be release for the PS3; only Sony will get hurt since some fans will not have to pay $600 to play this game if they already have an xbox 360.

MissAubrey4763d ago

Shut the hell up you bitter POS!

BoneMagnus4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

then they will not have the resources to make further games for their fans. Don't you get it? They are trying to stay alive and thrive as a business so they can continue doing what they love - making games. When a game sells well - it provides income for the employees and owners to be sure, but more importantly, it provides the resources to make the next game.

You people seem to think that these companies have the same ignorant, blind fanboy loyalty to a particular console as you do. They choose whatever makes sense for their business - and business means bottom line dollar and stock price to keep investors happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.