The Unpopular Truth: Charging for Multiplayer in Games is Actually Good

Recently, the decision by Capcom to charge for the ability for players to play a "versus" mode of Resident Evil 5 has drawn fire from critics who state that charging for a feature found in most other games for free is silly, wrong, and in some cases, evil.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3791d ago

Idiots really are ruining gaming, you guys are getting charged for selecting VS on a menu..

just.. shocking.

UnwanteDreamz3791d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong..

The author thinks charging for MP is good because it will keep the a*sholes, who keep calling him a [email protected], from playing?

I think as long as there are gamers online there will always be other gamers calling them names. I had a 12 year old tell me I was a [email protected] just yesterday on KZ2. He had his peelings hurt and lashed out at me cause all he could do was use the shotty and I kept head shotting him from halfway across the map.

BattleAxe3791d ago

After paying for a Console, extra controller, $60 per game, a blue tooth headset and paying for DLC, I would say that charging for online play is a rip off. Especially if there are in-game ads.

C_SoL3791d ago

People like Gaming online for free.

Especially if your low on dough.

Straight Life3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )


2FootYard3791d ago

Who cares what some little sh*** says? Usually you can mute them anyways.

Proxy3791d ago

The things we'll give up to avoid being galled a "fa**ot" by a random, faceless, 12 year old, internet person.

I think I will start a new service. For just 20 dollars per hour, I will monitor your conversations and remove any "fa**ot" references before they reach your virgin ears. Sure, you won't have a shred of privacy, but at least you wont be called a "fa**ot" by an on-line person.

Bucky Sligo3791d ago

You should have called yourself Mr Bungle :)

Kushan3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

"A five dollar fee to play multiplayer instantly screens the lowest common denominator out of the process of annoying the **** out of me during a game. And I welcome the concept. I’ll gladly pay an extra five-spot to instantly be rid of the risk of running into the worst offenders during multiplayer play."

Yeaaah! That $5 really makes a hell of a difference, it's not like they've paid $40 for the game already, or (in the case of Live) $40 for a year's worth of online play...

If only there was a way to umm...I dunno, like, stop those annoying people from talking to you. Like a command you can send, or, or a button you can press that would stop their audio from coming through. Or, I dunno, maybe an option so that we can avoid that particular player?
If only.

pippoppow3791d ago

Maybe a bubbles option like on this site. Anyone who is a moronic tool will be debubbled and no one has to ever hear them speak.

onijutsu3791d ago

do you knowon why kids are so angry on xbox live.

its because they went through the rings of hell(see what i did there :P) to justify the cost of xbox live to their parents.

Naturally they want to get the most out of the 50$ they can, so when they enter a game they are already stressed out, then with the nature of multiplayer games; added stresses come into it.
Then they begin to feel like that the 50$ isn't worth it, but since they are already frothing at the mouth from rage, they blame other people for this insecurity.

So charging extra for a multiplayer mode is a very bad move.

if you disagree than just say so, don't take away my bubbles...

its sort of like that with an xbox360, everytime you play you are going to be worried about red ring, disc scratching while having all these emotions while playing a game, it must be quite a stressful session emotionally.

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The story is too old to be commented.