Tech-Gaming Review: Command The Band: Major Minors Majestic March

Tech-Gaming writes:

"Aesthetically, the game is capable, with the exception of the game's cinematics. The static cut-scenes are static, and narrated unhurriedly with child-like voices. While the segments seem tailored for the early grammar school set, those young enough to enjoy the cinematics may become frustrated with the game's metrical requirement. Beyond the cut-scenes (which you can skip after viewing once), the game rich color palette and animal designs amuse. Seeing the lead characters swing his baton proved to be consistently charming. As expected for a title focused on music, Major Minor's sonic output is impressive, recreating the crash and jingle of a marching band.

Overall, Major Minor's Majestic March may be light in depth, but is still undeniably enjoyable, once players get in sync with the game's unique rhythm. There's something perplexingly compelling about leading a succession of cartoonish animals through the title's hyper-hued backdrops. For Wii owners seeking a unique music-based diversion, a march to your local retailer may be in order. "

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