Sympathy for the Underdog: PlayStation 3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes an editorial on why the PlayStation 3 is NOT considered the underdog by gamers.

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thebudgetgamer3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

last gen it was xbox. now its ps3. at one poing it was the sega master system. root root for the little guy

:0 edit: nope

makotokam3786d ago

did you read the article? he explains how ps3 ISN'T the underdog...

ZuperAmazingCooKie3786d ago

The gamecube was trailing the Xbox and the PS2. Xbox was backed by the biggest corporate bully of them all. Underdog and Microsoft don't go in the same sentence, sorry.

thebudgetgamer3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

im an ass

:) edit : i think people want as much as they can get now for the least money, and i have to admit a 200$ 360 and a giant wall of used games is very tempting to your casual or young gamer that has to get their money from parents. and if you make your decisions based only off of what other people say youre an ass.

edit2: at least the master system was an underdog

panasonic233786d ago

under dog my ass the wii and the 360 are under dog lol when ps3 announce fanboys were saying it will destroyed the wii and 360.

thebudgetgamer3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

i love that, well fanboys said so. who?
edit: only idiots want any of the companies destroyed.

Boty3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I honestly don't have any use for the underdog and upperdog crap. I simply do my research before I buy anything. If Microsoft has something better than Sony than I buy it. If Sony has something better than Microsoft the I buy it.

That is why I have a Microsoft OS and a Sony Console.

Buying something just because the company is the underdog is stupid. That underdog company surely isn't hard up for money. Or that underdog company could be the worst possible choice there is. Go for the following:

1.) What suits you, and your lifestyle.

2.) The value of what you getting.(Don't pay extra for something you get for free in the other product. Compare values.)

3.) Reliability.

4.) Support.

5.) Longevity.

Scolar Visari3786d ago

You should read the article before posting.

"PlayStation LifeStyle writes an editorial on why the PlayStation 3 is NOT considered the underdog by gamers."

Sev3786d ago

Thank you. I swear 90% of people on this site, read the headline, and look at the image ONLY.

Boty3785d ago

Maybe you should read my comment before commenting...

I said nothing about PS3 being an underdog. I Simply stated I don't believe in underdogs.

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