Gamervision Review: Gold's Gym Cardio Workout

GV writes: "When Wii Fit came out last year, I was an instant supporter and one of the few who didn't abandon my balance board within the first few weeks. In fact, I was still doing regular Wii Fit workouts up until a few weeks ago, and the balance and exercise tool helped me lose over ten pounds and get into the best physical shape of my adult life. Plenty of people were quick to dismiss Wii Fit as a gimmick, but used properly and regularly, I have always felt that it is a good tool to help you become a healthier person. When it comes to straight-up calorie burning, though, there are only a few good, long exercises Wii Fit has, which can make the routine a bit too repetitive at times. However, other publishers have decided to experiment with exercise games, giving me more options. The latest is Ubisoft's Gold's Gym Cardio Workout, and despite the blatant advertising for the gym, it really is a workout."

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