PS3 Ads Go Old-school In Oz

With the Euro launch just 24 hours away, Sony have featured new ads at bus stops, and on billboards.

We've all heard the Sony CEO's dubious claims that the PS3 is like a Mercedes. Well, it's nice to see some more traditional advertising down under, where Sony Australia have been using the line, "Fast. Powerful. Intelligent." to get their message across. Yes, the PS3 is fast, and powerful (though one could argue they are the same thing), and it could be considered intelligent in many respects.

Despite preferring the traditional ads, I can't help but think there must be some happy medium in-between the two that has been entirely missed through the PS3 marketing campaign.

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ReconHope4825d ago

something simple like

"Are you ready to Game"

would probably hit a bigger crowd.

Creepa at GameManx4825d ago (Edited 4825d ago )

Thats the best way to get people's attention is to adveriste on the streets

The BS Police4825d ago

Or is the orange backround the orange clouds from the Halo 2 advertisements?

HandShandy4825d ago

I was at college when that game was launched and the rector let me keep this massive A-0 sized Halo2 poster - which was awesome.

....until I got home and it was like a canvas in my bedroom.

I had more fun with that poster than I did on Halo 2 to be honest.

On par with the topic, I think this is a little overdue, since most people are finished taking pre-orders. As a whole I think the whole Sony advertising campaign has been nothing short of inadequate, pathetic even. Cutting costs again?