Wiiloveit Review: Art Style: Aquia

Wiiloveit writes:

"rt Style Azurio is a great little puzzler that takes after Puzzle League. The aim is to move blocks left and right in order to get three or more of the same colour in a straight line. Once you do this, the blocks are destroyed and more blocks are added from the bottom of the screen. The twist here though, is that rather than play across your average grid, you play on a tall vertical one, that is only three blocks wide. The idea here, is that you use the D-pad to move a block of two colours up or down the column, and pressing the A button will push the block into the grid.

It's not the easiest of puzzlers if you're not an experienced gamer, mainly due to the speed that you have to play at. As you play through a level, a black shadow will dawn across the screens, and when it reaches the bottom, the game ends. As you destroy or chain together more blocks though, the shadow will move back slightly, prolonging the game length."

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