Halo 3 ODST Leaked? reports, "There's been multiple videos popping up in the internet about Halo 3: ODST another one has been brought to our attention this one is actual video footage." What do you guys think fake or not?

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Straight Life3790d ago

The Halo dev said Killzone 2 graphics is possible on the 360.. well let me see it!!

N4PS3G3790d ago

ODST uses the same halo 3 engine..if you expect those kind of graphics from ODST ..then you are crazy

Straight Life3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

That's why the dev should shut the hell up then.

TOO PAWNED3790d ago

Ah this is so awesome, it is so cool to watch at "main menu" of a game

GWAVE3790d ago

This is probably fake...

BUT the 360 has had many instances of games being leaked early or pirated. If this game (supposed to be one of the system's biggest titles this year) has already been

It sends a big signal to developers if one of the 360's biggest games has already been pirated.

Like I said, this is probably fake, BUT if it's true....oh man.

N4PS3G3790d ago

@Straight Life
huh? they should shut the hell up? why? Some one asked a question and he gave them an answer..
You think engines are made in a week or something? and that because they think they can achieve that on the xbox they are going to run to a studio the next day a make a game? plzz

they can do whatever they want...pluz if that article was true ..they didn't say they were going to do it ..but that guerilla could do it if they wanted to

Straight Life3790d ago

N4PS3G, when someone makes a comment like that, they have to back it up. He'll look stupid if Halo 3 ODST doesn't come close to Killzone 2.

N4PS3G3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Dude! Don't you understand ? He won't look stupid because

there's no way in chance ..nada.. .. none .. absolutely impossible for halo3:odst to come close to Killzone 2 graphics wise . because they are using the same OLD and OUTDATED engine/tech from HALO 3..released in 2007! This is NOT a new game built from the ground like Killzone 2 is ..or Halo 3 when it was released in 07...this is just an expansion of halo 3 powered by the same engine

and secondly ..they said that Guerilla COULD do it if they wanted too..not that they were going to do it

btw guys ..don't be retarded..if you are going to disagree the prove me that Halo 3 ODST is using a brand new engine and that its not an expansion ..and then we'll talk

thebudgetgamer3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

but we dont want to.

;) but still i expect bungie to make a fun game

FlameBaitGod3790d ago

It would be extremely retarded if halo 4 used the same engine from halo 3.. and if they did they better of had improved it. If it does I'm going to get pissed, cus 1 of the best games on the 360 and we dont see a graphic improvement? Im sure it will look better than halo 3, and this 1 might even be 780p like they said halo 3 would be but w/e, halo 3 didn't look bad in 640p

3790d ago
N4PS3G3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago ) will look weak compared to Killzone 2 ...maybe they could tweak the engine a little bit ...but expecting something different from the halo 3 visuals is wrong

The game is going to kick @ass anyway!

3790d ago
3790d ago
jav09183790d ago

the devs never said anything like that....learn to was an ex-bungie employee....

Bonsai12143790d ago

if it counts for anything, i enjoyed the music. very haunting.

ChampIDC3790d ago

Good visuals or not, it'll be a good game. Not every game needs to try to push visual boundaries. Halo 3 certainly didn't do it, and look how well it sold. Yes, sales aren't equal to quality, but only a fanboy will say Halo 3 wasn't a solid game.

MicroSony4Life3790d ago

This video just confirmed my purchase where do I pre-order.

That menu screen was bad ass bro.

ShabzS3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

dude ur absolutely right... a game looks only as good as its engine and since odst is running on the halo 3 engine ... it will not look anything close to killzone 2... ppl really need to have some common sense here.... if you think odst will look better than killzone 2??? u need to stay off the weed then

that being said... halo is all about the gameplay and super huge set pieces ... really looking forward to this...

cryymoar3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

"we can get graphics like killzone
but we dont want to."

now this is a retarded statement. I like how NOW that the PS3 has raised the bar way passed what the xb360 can achieve, all of a sudden the graphics aspect of having a great next gen game is thrown out the window as "insignificant" and replaced with sales. yet for any multiplatform game, we will still see the same people trolling about how the xb360's graphics are better than the PS3's.

and @ ChapIDC

"Yes, sales aren't equal to quality, but only a fanboy will say Halo 3 wasn't a solid game."
Double standards..*face palm*..ftl..
I dont particularly attack you or your statement, but also, now that Halo isn't known for having the best looking visuals and only great in sales, "sales aren't equal to quality."
Yet any xbox360 "fanboy" will criticize any and all PS3 games, regardless of their meta score and overall acceptance of greatness as discredited because of their lack of "2 million on day 1!!!!" sales.

These double standards are seriously becoming utterly ridiculous.

likedamaster3790d ago

"The Halo dev said Killzone 2 graphics is possible on the 360.. well let me see it!!"

The fanboys just refuse to leave us to our articles.

soxfan20053790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The way I see it, Halo ODST can be developed in one of two ways. They can concentrate on graphics over gameplay, or they can use the tried and true formula that resulted in Halo 3 having a 94 Metascore (quality), 9+ million sales (quantity), and still being a top 20 seller and #1 Xbox live online game 18 months after it's release (longevity).

Halochampian3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Ever heard of BETA's??? Even has the agreement at the beginning. Not really pirating if you ask me.

Not saying it is real because it isn't real. But seriously??? You think it would be a pirated version?

lowcarb3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

And just how do you know 360 can't achieve KZ2 graphics? At then end of this generation we will know which console had the best graphics.

Edit below: Yeah but how is the truth trolling. We all know it's easier to develop for. GG and SOny went all out to prove what the PS3 is capable of and spent lots of time and money to get there. Gears 2 looks amazing and was created in less then half the time it took to make KZ2. One would think what could of happened if they set out to prove a point like Sony did. Sorry but i just don't see why your calling people trolls when it's known the 360 is easier to develop for. Also this gen isn't over yet and for all we know something will be out soon on 360 that could look much better than kz2.

cryymoar3790d ago

because after all of the trolling about how "easy" the xb360 is to program for, i'd imagine someone would have done this already. Perhaps Valve?

CRAIG6673790d ago

He was actually an X bungie employee,just for the record,i've seen people talking as if his opinion was an official statement from bunjie or something.

snipermk03790d ago

- Halo 3 94 Metacritic score because of the $1000 swag bag that was sent to reviewers

- 9 million copies sold because theres a lot of immature kids on the rise

- Longevity because some people have no skill to play any other game.


Really? Have you heard of MLG? Competitive gaming. Halo is their flagship game. Why? Because it requires the most skill. I can understand someone saying that it requires little skill, if they haven't got much experience playing Halo 3.


Havent "Halo engine" been used in all Halo 1-3 games? Just upgraded like Dead Rising to Resident Evil 5?

Saigon3790d ago

Do people forget that engines are tweaked to look better over time, and that they have components added on for the engine to look and react better...

Look at uncharted...uncharted 2 which is running on the same engine is looking better than the first...

If gaming engines do not improve over means it is the hardware its scheduled to work for and not the developer...

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RememberThe3573790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

It's the freakin menu screen... The only menu screen I've ever been impressed with was the MGS4 menu screen.

TOO PAWNED3790d ago

But it is so cool! It's MAIN menu!!!

IaMs123790d ago

Ive always liked the Half-Life 2 screen. Its neat how it changes as you progress thro the game. Not sure if MGS4 did that never played it.

RememberThe3573790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

9 minutes ago | By: pp | Block
MGS4 Queer ass hole.

EDIT: IaMs12: Good point, Half-Life 2 did have a pretty cool menu screen. I had forgotten about that.

terrandragon3790d ago

Battlefield Bad Company's Menu Screen was just like HL2's. Does that count as neat?

Halochampian3790d ago

Halo Wars had the announcement trailer behind it!

Hey.. I know it's not much, but I loved the trailer.

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shortstraw43790d ago

It seems real enough. They are currently at the beta stage of campaign, but the more interesting news is when is the multiplayer beta? That signals the game is near finished.

outlawlife3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

i'm doubting there will be a multiplayer beta, its going to piggyback on halo 3 and use the same exact system that has been in place for years

they may introduce a few new game types but other than that don't expect anything different than what is present in halo 3 already

Swiftfox3790d ago

Actually I disagree. I think we will see a more class based Call of Duty 4 type of multiplayer experience.

Sharpshell3790d ago

btw the thing about not showing any to anyone made me laugh so hard! Now can we see the actual game please?

FantasyStar3790d ago

I don't care if it's fake or not, I just want to jump back into Halo! Halo Wars gave me the Halo itch that MUST be scratched by Halo 3 ODST. Not so much Halo 3 because I'm done with Master Chief.

ODST Drop-pods were GOD in Halo Wars. Orbital Drop SHOCK Troopahs!!!!!

*flails arms wildly*

ChampIDC3790d ago

I almost lol'd in the middle of class when I saw the part about flailing.

I'm still waiting for the many times rumored Ghost Recon style game with Marines or ODST. That would be sexy.