GamesAreEvil's Review of MadWorld

GamesAreEvil writes, "For too long the Wii has been a sterile wasteland, consisting mainly of shovel-ware focused on making a quick buck off of Nintendo's wholesome family image. The team over at Platinum Games looks to move beyond the world of digital puppies and fitness-conscious housewives with their latest hyper-violent action game, MadWorld. This ridiculous romp through the world of organized blood sport looks to finally lure in the hardcore audience that the Wii has been neglecting for so long..."

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supercharger51503793d ago

I'm glad the graphics style is addressed in this review. That's been something that's kept me from really picking up the game. Still looks a bit too dark for my taste

bgrundman3793d ago

I think the dark and gritty feel is what makes it so neat.

supercharger51503793d ago

I agree it's good for the feel but not my taste :/ I donno

CrAppleton3793d ago

I want this so bad.. looks like a Wii game that will totally get my attention

reluctant_gamer3793d ago

I really thought I wouldn't like this games when I saw the trailer for it, but really it's good. I mean it offend my mom so it has to be good.

bgrundman3793d ago

The announcers are awesome!

CrAppleton3793d ago

Sweet.. you mentioned something about too many nut jokes though right?

CrAppleton3793d ago

This sure looks a lot like Manhunt to me.. how the hell did they avoid the AO rating?

Mahr3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"how the hell did they avoid the AO rating?"