Quiz the Entire Xbox Live Team

Lazygamer writes "Major Nelson is just about to join the entire Xbox Live team for one of their regular meetings (The meeting starts at Midnight SA Time) and you have been personally invited to join in and ask some questions.

Okay that's not entirely true as everyone with a twitter account can join in but you get the point.

If you have a twitter account then all you need to do is post your question to the hashtag #heyxboxlive and hopefully they will then answer it during the meeting. Unfortunately they won't answer every question but if you are one of the gazillions of people who want to know why the HDD is so damn expensive in the Xbox 360 then this is your time to put your question to the people in the know."

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GiantEnemyCrab3791d ago

If you ask anything that the users actually want to know they will dodge it and give their canned PR response. Major has done this before and it was basically a whole bunch of what we already know sprinkled with "Xbox is great!" marketing hyperbole.