PS3 Pre-orders nab four out of five best selling products at Amazon UK

The PS3 and associated products are currently occupying the top five best selling product positions of Amazon UK. The 60GB PS3 takes the number one spot, followed by the SIXAXIS controller and the titles Resistance and Motorstorm respectively.

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techie4283d ago

See what you get when you're an exclusive? Highest sales. If there were more ps3 owners then exclusive sales will be high. Ho hum

Marty83704283d ago

Looking forward to R:FOM online play.

Bebedora4283d ago

I preordered Motorstorm, Oblivion (if it will be in shops, it will), and to be reassured, I preordered a Enchant Arm copy (like that will sell like hotcakes).

Better safe than sorry. :)

Now I only have to finish Dark Cloud, Disgaea 1+2 and Lucifers Call...ho-hum...But those have to wait a few more weeks, come friday. It's like christmas when you were like 7yr old or something!

BBsin4283d ago

I'm going to get one of those silver thin PS2's instead. My old launch PS2 has been droped and bumped so many times that the lense isnt well anymore and GOW2 keeps on freezing. I still havent finished Rouge Galaxy, Bully, Okami, GOW2, and FFXII. Those games should keep me busy until Mass effect and Ninja Gaiden Sigma gets released. No need for a PS3 now, it's as much as an impluse buy as the Wii at the moment IMO.

nix4283d ago

wow!!! you're in for a treat. specially with okami and GOW2 (am buying my copy this week). finished okami last month. amazing game.. took me 60 hours. enjoy! q:

JasonPC360PS3Wii4283d ago

Let’s be real as much as I dislike the Sony brand this gen I at least know they will sell something. Hell even a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually