Xbox Live hacked, accounts stolen

Online gaming forums are buzzing with reports that Xbox Live accounts linked to Microsoft's Windows Live ID service are being hijacked by malicious hackers.

Kevin Finisterre, a security researcher at Digital Munition, raised the issue on the Full Disclosure mailing list over the weekend, calling attention to rumors that Microsoft's was the victim of a breach that exposed a portion of Xbox Live.

"Some folks are having their Microsoft points stolen and or points purchased via their stolen gamer tag," Finisterre said.

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shikwan5251d ago

I NEVER heard nothing of the sort. Don't believe it. PURE BS. And even if it were so, there is a trail.

th0r XV5251d ago

it happens to Halo pros. Pros from the MLG circuit have had their account stolen multiple times

PS360WII5251d ago

Easier to hack then console only...

candystop5251d ago

Here we go with the people trying to down play live with there hidden agenda's!

omegaheat5251d ago

Now people, do you see the reason that Xbox Live isn't free and should never have been integrated with PC community. We wouldn't have to worry about anything like that with the console's online functinality.

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The story is too old to be commented.