Halo 3 featured in August OXM

This is what is written on Halo news site HBO ( and at the Gamespot OXM Union, "Jon Campbell points out that the August issue of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine has a huge article on Halo 3 - an indepth look at the teaser trailer, a preview of the HGN, and more. (It got the cover again, as well.) Look for it on newsstands soon!"

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Combat Reformed6184d ago

yup this is pretty sweet so i thought i would share this with you guys

Droidbro6184d ago

Why thank you so very much dude!!

Schmitty076184d ago

I want this game really bad, but on the other hand I don't. Because I know once it releases I will play nothing else for a few months...years.

Droidbro6184d ago

I'm glad this is the last game. I don't think I could this kind of waiting again.

PS360PCROCKS6184d ago

and a playable demo! :) I wish...

TheMART6184d ago

Can they tell more and let us see more then only the demo we know and have seen only since E3?

They say they have multiplayer games ready and playing within the office. I want to see something of this game bad

Marriot VP6184d ago

Halo 3 in the next month I believe will release another trailer. It's been said by them that they'll release more stuff as time goes by.

And the E3 trailer was basically not showing much of anything of how the end game will look.

THE TRUTH6183d ago

They have the Lost Planet demo on the same disc and it is awsome. I can't seem to put the controller down I will pre-order A.S.A.P. Maybe I was wrong for downplaying the 360, I will still get a PS3 at launch but in the meantime at least I have 360 to play. I want Chromehounds too the 6 vs. 6 online modes on that game would be crazy I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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